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B2B lead generation LinkedIn campaigns are one of the ideal ways to drive traffic to your website and generate leads organically. The LinkedIn network offers more than just outreach for personal careers; your businesses can also utilize LinkedIn for sales specifically in B2B marketing. With nearly a billion active users on the platform, it’s not surprising why LinkedIn lead generation is one of the most optimal LinkedIn plans you can have for your company to maximize its potential for outreach in your industry.

LinkedIn offers free accounts for personal career growth, and various LinkedIn strategies and tools are also available to use LinkedIn for businesses. Depending on the type of LinkedIn profile you have, you can get access to engagement tools such as more invitations, InMailing, data analytics, and ad management. The real challenge lies in optimising these special features to ensure you get the most out of your B2B lead generation LinkedIn campaigns.

Meet Alfred – the LinkedIn automation tool that can help you easily get statistics and insights on your prospects to increase your chances of converting them into actual customers. Alfred offers a suite of next-generation features as a LinkedIn lead generation tool such as personalized and targeted InMailing, advanced LinkedIn CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and many more.

How to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation?

Before, people only used LinkedIn as a platform for searching for jobs or recruiting talents. With the LinkedIn leads generator functions and LinkedIn Sales Navigator features that the platform now offers, B2B lead generation on LinkedIn is widely used among businesses from different industries. Here’s how you can expand B2B marketing on LinkedIn:

  1. Set up a profile. You can either set up a corporate profile that states who you are as a brand, what you do and offer to speak to your audience, or set up a personal account to be used by your marketing strategist LinkedIn representative.
  2. Connect with your prospects. For corporate profiles, consistently post relevant content on your page to gain the interest of your readers. B2B LinkedIn sales representatives can meanwhile use InMailing or direct messaging while stating their purpose for connecting.
  3. Make your value known on the get-go. Whether you use a corporate or a personal profile, make sure that every message you send out to your prospects holds valuable information to let them know why they should work with you instead of other companies.
  4. Utilize LinkedIn Contact Targeting. Connect to your potential customers fast by uploading a contact or email list through LinkedIn Contact Targeting. This feature of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager lets you run company- and contact-based marketing campaigns.
  5. Leverage analytics, optimize, and start again. To continually improve your B2B lead generation LinkedIn campaigns, you should identify the key areas that need enhancement, and you can do that by recording and analyzing data from your initial runs either from your corporate or personal LinkedIn account.

Simply put, B2B lead generation on LinkedIn is highly complex. Meet Alfred can help ensure you maximize your B2B marketing potential on the platform to stay competitive and relevant in your industry. We automate your LinkedIn strategies to create multi-channel sales pipelines, automatically send a customized message based on the prospect’s industry or location, easily manage all your business contacts through our built-in CRM system, and more.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation?

Companies that take advantage of B2B lead generation on LinkedIn get the following benefits:

Company and professional targeting

As a top social media platform for professionals, you can target professionals by their skills, education, job experience, company, and more easily at LinkedIn. You can also build audience segments based on the lists of organisations you want to target so you can connect easily with them for business. Alfred automates these complex processes to save you time and resources.

Efficient sales pipeline management

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can access features such as real-time sales updates, sales tools integration, lead generation automation, LinkedIn search results extraction into a CRM, and InMail where you can send messages to users you aren’t connected with. Meet Alfred offers a special Business Plan for Sales Navigator-user organisations in need of more advanced features at a competitive price.

Targeted advertising

LinkedIn offers Showcase Pages where you can promote different brands or products with particular audiences to generate more qualified leads. You can post images and view analytics to offer a range of products that would otherwise be difficult to advertise to different audiences. Meet Alfred sends personalized messages to targeted audience segments to increase replies by up to three times.

What are the tools that can be used for B2B lead generation on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers a suite of useful B2B lead generation LinkedIn tools, and below are the top three to leverage for your business:


InMailing lets you send direct messages to users on the platform you aren’t connected with. This promotes brand awareness and enables in-depth engagement with your prospects to drive sales. Meet Alfred can deploy daily activity limits based on your account type to prevent it from getting flagged by LinkedIn. We can track replies, schedule replies to match your working hours, and automatically withdraw unanswered pending invites.

Sales Navigator

You can find the right prospects to add to your team or become your customers through the highly accurate and customizable features of Sales Navigator. Meet Alfred can help you optimize this tool to your advantage by deploying your marketing campaigns to the right audience.

Marketing solutions

Here you can create ads to display on LinkedIn and attract your prospects to engage with your business. Meet Alfred can help you leverage this LinkedIn tool to create and manage advertising for your B2B lead generation LinkedIn campaigns, view performance reports, and see conversion tracking.

Look no further than Meet Alfred for the most reliable and powerful LinkedIn automation tool for your B2B lead generation LinkedIn needs. Book a demo with our LinkedIn automation experts today to know how we can help grow your business fast!

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