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LinkedIn is a platform that has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years and now offers plenty of opportunities for businesses and recruiters to connect with potential prospects.

Sending LinkedIn connection messages has been paramount to expanding your company’s reach and aids with helping you look for qualified employees looking to start a new career or businesses looking for the solutions you have to provide. A note to recruiters and companies looking for best practices on LinkedIn: at times, being proactive and managing insights can be difficult to do on a large scale. You might find yourself looking for a simpler way to handle all your LinkedIn connection messages, and this is where our company Alfred can help!

Using the innovative tool we’ve developed at Alfred, you can successfully send personalized LinkedIn connection messages and do more with the platform. Let our cloud-based application handle most of the heavy lifting so you can focus on the things that matter.

Schedule a demo or take advantage of our 14-day free trial and learn how our program can help you elevate your company or business. Browse our website for more information.

Why are LinkedIn connection messages important?

As the go-to platform for many professionals seeking employment and business solutions, sending a LinkedIn connection message is one way a company can be proactive and reach a wider market for both recruiting and selling on Linkedin.

Through LinkedIn connection requests, you expand your network (or LinkedIn outreach) as each connection via LinkedIn opens up an entire list of other people they’ve connected to and have as their LinkedIn contact.

That being said, it’s important to have an active, well-put-together, and easy-to-find LinkedIn profile to build a network of followers that can support your company’s endeavors. Creating and sending personalized LinkedIn messages can help you do this, thereby generating various opportunities.

From finding the right employee that can thrive in a career with your company, to discovering new business opportunities and partnerships, sending LinkedIn connection messages or LinkedIn invitations is just one of the first steps to grow your company.

With our LinkedIn automation tool, you can automate LinkedIn messages, invitations to meetings or events, and ultimately generate high-quality leads. Together, we can help your business create meaningful connections via LinkedIn with thousands of prospects and potential stakeholders at scale, whether you’re a recruiter or managing a business.

How to write compelling LinkedIn connection messages?

While it is very easy and tempting to send LinkedIn connection messages without customizing them, taking the extra step of adding a note will greatly increase the likelihood of your request being accepted.

Personalization is also a key factor in starting meaningful conversations and creating a good first impression through your LinkedIn connection messages. Sending a connection request without a note prompts a default message of ‘I’d like to join your network’, which doesn’t provide ample context as to who you are or why you want to reach the person in the first place. It’s best to show that you care and carefully consider your approach as it can impact the connections you can make.

Other tips we can provide for writing compelling LinkedIn connection messages is to make use of the 300-character limit, but also be brief and straightforward. Let’s face it; we’re not on LinkedIn to read essays. Additionally, it’s best to be creative and choose your words wisely – give them a reason to connect with you.

For large-scale companies and HR agencies, personalization may be difficult due to the number of people you’re trying to reach on an average day. Manually writing custom messages can seem like a chore, but there’s no need to fret with the project solution we provide at Alfred.

Aside from the capacity to automate LinkedIn messages, you can simply write some LinkedIn message templates, and let the bot handle the entry of names and other key details to keep it unique to each person you want to reach out to. Our platform also allows you to get insight into how effective your messages are, and even allows for the automatic sending of follow-up messages.

This allows you to reach out to everyone on your radar, and from there you can maximize your company or business by spending time nurturing and building relationships on LinkedIn.

How to customize your LinkedIn connection message?

Here are some tips to customize your LinkedIn connection messages when you’re writing a template for our LinkedIn automation tool:

Introduce yourself

Always include a quick introduction (no more than a line or two) about who you are and what your company does. It’s generally better to be transparent about why you’re reaching out to them.

Mention how you found them

If possible, it’s worthwhile to mention how you came across their profile. Whether you already have a previous connection or if they have attended an event or conference at your company, it’s best to highlight this information.

Be clear about your intention to connect

Whether you’re offering work or job opportunities or getting them interested in learning about a business solution at your company, it’s best to outline your intention in the LinkedIn connection messages to help set expectations.

Once your connection request is accepted, be sure to keep the conversation alive by sending a quick thank-you note. The more people you meet and chat with, the more you can expand your company’s or business’ network! That way you can increase recognition within the industry and elevate your LinkedIn profile.

All it takes is one personalized and automated LinkedIn connection message with Alfred. If you’re interested in the various features and functionalities of our effective bot for LinkedIn, check out the resources we have available on our website. You can also request a demo or try out our LinkedIn automation free for 14 days!

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