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Over the years, LinkedIn has developed into a platform that allows you to connect with different prospects, allowing you to grow your business through recruitment or sales.

By taking advantage of LinkedIn for sales you can successfully expand your company’s reach and find like-minded individuals that are looking for the solution you are ready to provide. Not only can your business grow, but you can make meaningful connections with people within the industry.

By incorporating Alfred, our cloud-based AI application, into your LinkedIn for sales process, you can do great things that increase productivity within your sales team.

Some key features we offer are sending personalised messages, keeping track of various campaigns, and even getting access to data that can be paramount to your company’s growth.

Learn how our program can help elevate your company or business by scheduling a demo or taking advantage of our 14-day free trial. Visit our website for more information.

Can LinkedIn be used for sales?

While you may initially associate LinkedIn as a platform for job referrals and outreach, it can also be helpful for reaching the right people and offering them your products and services. It is highly valid to use LinkedIn for sales in this day and age, and it has become one of the best B2B selling platforms.

This platform, however, requires the right tools to maximise your experience. While there are already existing programs like the LinkedIn sales navigator, why not take it a step further and utilise Alfred, a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that can make selling on LinkedIn much easier.

For further reassurance, below are some of the features our bot for LinkedIn provides, and why it can be a valuable asset to your company:

Target, understand, and engage prospects better

Sending the right and personalised LinkedIn connection messages is key to developing a proper business relationship that can lead to a successful sale. By using our LinkedIn for sales platform, you can easily automate LinkedIn messages and spend your time and energy on other things that matter.

Build impressions through meaningful content

Be able to schedule posts and build a following that truly cares about your brand. You don't need to limit yourself to a sales blog or a single channel when you have an extremely connected tool with more than 3,000+ applications.

Gain access to data that matters

Manually searching through different contact lists and connections may be difficult if you’re running a large scale business. Our LinkedIn automation will automatically gather and organise the data you need, allowing you to simply search for what you need.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn for sales?

Alfred not only provides a great prospect in sales through the numerous options it provides, but it also provides a number of benefits for your business. Using LinkedIn for sales and Alfred together can help your business or company in the following ways:

Gain insights from research

With LinkedIn for sales, our salespeople can gain insight into what makes your prospects tick, what they're involved in, and who they know through LinkedIn profiles. Profiles contain details like roles, email addresses, and even work positions that you can use to get your foot in the door and develop relationships with a potential buyer. By doing so, you can determine what sales solutions to offer your customers and how to outdo the competition.

Connect with the right people

By using LinkedIn for sales, you can start prospecting clients who are most likely to take an interest in you and your enterprise. You'll be able to network with influencers and other business people who can write recommendations for your company, increasing your customer base and enabling you to expand your network.

Understand your industry

Because you can't close sales in a vacuum, knowing what's going on in your sector can help you sell more. With our LinkedIn prospecting tools, you can check in on the latest industry news and trends, consumer pain concerns, and purchase obstacles on LinkedIn.

How to better utilise LinkedIn for sales?

When it comes to better utilising LinkedIn for sales, we highly recommend partnering with us today and trying out Alfred. It is a comprehensive tool designed to boost your business and help you save time and energy.

The following tips will help you use LinkedIn for sales more effectively, in addition to incorporating Alfred  as part of your sales strategy:

  • Participate in discussions. To establish yourself as a professional business or company, it’s vital to showcase your involvement within your industry. It’s a good idea to be an active member of relevant LinkedIn groups and join discussion threads when necessary.
  • Build relationships on trust. Get introduced through mutual connections or referrals. Generally, it’s best to meet the needs of the prospect first before selling your product or service. Instead of selling your product, try to solve their problem.
  • Track your customer's activity in real-time. Your newsfeed will display public activity from your customers if you are connected with them. Keep an eye on your contacts' interests and updates so you can remain top-of-mind and provide them with the information they need.

What are you waiting for? Finding the right prospect and closing LinkedIn sales has never been easier with Alfred. Because of the functionality that our LinkedIn lead generator provides, most of our partners have received 10x more replies and saved ten hours in the regular workweek.

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