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Considering how popular LinkedIn has become with more than 830 million members worldwide, the LinkedIn invite limit could make a huge impact on the potential sales of businesses using the platform.

According to LinkedIn, your LinkedIn account may be temporarily restricted from sending invitations to people for the following reasons:

  • You’ve sent many invitations within a short amount of time.
  • Many of your invitations have been ignored, left pending, or marked as spam by the recipients.

You should also keep the following in mind:

  • You can’t buy or acquire more invitations while you’ve been restricted, or otherwise.
  • For your privacy, LinkedIn Support cannot disclose any additional information regarding the type or reason for the invitation restriction on your account.

If you would like to prevent this from happening, consult Alfred. Using Alfred’s LinkedIn auto withdrawal, you can easily avoid getting your account restricted from sending invite requests as we give you access to our automatic withdrawal feature that automatically keeps any unanswered pending invites to a minimum.

Additionally, Alfred offers Hyper Personalised Messaging that enables you to engage with prospects at scale and even personalize and customize your LinkedIn outreach. Spice up your outreach and surprise your targets by clipping attachments as part of your outreach messages through Alfred.

For an affordable monthly fee, you can enjoy Alfred’s remarkable benefits and tools that will help you thrive in your industry.

What is the invitation limit on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn invite limit was changed in March 2021 to protect the integrity and purpose of the platform. From the previous 100 LinkedIn invitation limit per day, it is now set to only a 100 weekly invitation limit. In other words, your ability to connect to prospects who are outside of your network has significantly decreased to 20% of its former capacity.

This LinkedIn invite limit was imposed to limit LinkedIn for prospecting purposes through automated sending of invitations and push members toward paid solutions. Previously, the LinkedIn tool lets its users send mass invitations and then canvass them by interposed messages once members had accepted the invitation to connect. Through time, it was abused and had brought bad implications to the entire platform. Indeed, spraying connect requests with a LinkedIn connection message, or LinkedIn invitation message, lowers the value of your account, and the platform itself.

What happens when you exceed the invitation limit on LinkedIn?

If you got an alert message, do not panic. It only means that you have exceeded the weekly LinkedIn invite limit. According to LinkedIn, exceeding the LinkedIn invite limit means you have to wait for a specific amount of time before you can go back and enjoy the tools.

To fully understand the consequences of reaching the LinkedIn invite limit, LinkedIn explained the possible scenarios that will happen once you exceeded the invitation limit and gave some solutions to try, based on your invitation restriction:

  • The first restriction – Wait a few hours, then try again.
  • Multiple restrictions in a day – Wait a few days, then try again.
  • If you’re restricted for having too many outstanding invitations – Wait for up to one month before attempting to send another invitation.

If you want to monitor your daily activities to avoid getting flagged by LinkedIn, Alfred’s algorithms will help you detect what type of LinkedIn membership you have. What’s more exciting is that Alfred can provide you with conservative and editable daily profile views, connection requests, and messaging and emailing limits to always maintain your good record while using LinkedIn.

Is it possible to increase the invitation limit on LinkedIn?

When you reach the LinkedIn invite limit, it will become a problem because, in an instant, it became more difficult to use LinkedIn for sales. Fortunately, using Open InMails can be your key to overcoming this problem, be it a LinkedIn invitation limit per day or a weekly invitation limit.

At Meet Alfred, we can help you automate all InMails to save time and engage with your leads and increase your revenue instead of getting stuck with your LinkedIn invite limit. Using InMails means you can send a personalized LinkedIn invitation message to other people who have open profiles, even when they are outside of your LinkedIn network. This is truly proven to be effective and an alternative choice as it can help you send 800 open InMails for free each month, which is significantly higher than today’s LinkedIn invite limit.

With Alfred, we give you the freedom to choose from our different personalization tags to create eye-catching yet professional automated InMail messages. Our services also include the customizable templates library including LinkedIn InMail templates and other LinkedIn message templates that can help you or your company:

  • Focus on completing tasks and keep the brand consistent
  • Increase your team’s efficiency
  • Create bespoke messages and automate LinkedIn messages that fit any industry

Planning to step up your LinkedIn invite limit and overall growth? Start your journey with Alfred. Sign up with us and discover effective ways to transform your LinkedIn into a personalized, trusted, and engaging profile. From InMail campaign automation to LinkedIn events, groups, and post campaigns, we can help you leverage your account effectively.

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