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With Alfred, you not only get an effective LinkedIn leads generator, but you also get an all-around tool that can help you gain credibility and engagement for your company or business' profile.

There’s no denying that in this day and age, LinkedIn has become a platform crucial to developing your business through lead generation and connecting with the right prospects.

While there are a number of different LinkedIn strategies you can use or lead gen services you can work with, they can be very pricey if you include expenses like your LinkedIn premium subscription.

Through Alfred’s LinkedIn leads generator, you gain access to an affordable and smart means of expanding your company’s LinkedIn outreach. This is great for both marketers and recruiters as you can find like-minded audiences or professionals within the industry to hire or sell to.

Take advantage of our lead generation campaigns, which allow you to gather and sort data through Alfred’s built-in CRM software. This means you can find the right clients without spending time sorting through your LinkedIn connection messages.

Learn how we can help with lead generation LinkedIn today by scheduling a demo or signing up for our 14-day free trial. We also have a help center where you can learn more about Alfred and how it handles LinkedIn lead collection.

What is a LinkedIn leads generator?

Lead generation is generally the process of promoting and converting a group of people to purchase a product or service from a company. It is not uncommon for most companies to have a team dedicated to lead generation or to outsource the work to a lead generation agency.

This team usually creates a marketing strategy, which is used to increase your LinkedIn sales. These may involve posting meaningful content and engaging through comments and posts.

Our bot for LinkedIn at Alfred works with an existing strategy and takes it a step further by doing most of the heavy lifting. In simpler terms, it’s essentially a LinkedIn automation that mimics human behavior and handles various tasks on the platform.

Alfred offers some distinctive features that boast the ability to automate LinkedIn messages through pre-setting some message templates, which allows for a personalised reach at a larger scale.

Doing so allows your marketing team to optimise their time and pay attention to the things that really matter. Our lead connect LinkedIn service also comes with a number of features and functionalities, all designed to make lead generation just that bit easier.

Using Alfred's LinkedIn leads generator, brands across Australia have found that it offers exceptional value for money. Our clients have seen a 10x increased return on replies sent through our multi-channel communication system, and have managed to reduce ten hours of work a week in a typical work week.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn leads generator?

A LinkedIn leads generator like our cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool like Alfred can handle specific tasks such as visiting profiles, sending personalised connection requests, and even messaging various prospects. Here are some additional reasons why our LinkedIn leads generator can help your company:

Build relationships and have personalised conversations

With our LinkedIn leads generator, you can manage your time more efficiently and focus on the things that matter. You can automate the entire process of sending LinkedIn connection requests, following up on messages, inviting people to join groups, etc.

Once our LinkedIn leads generator finds a meaningful connection, you can then take the initiative to initiate further engagement and build fruitful relationships to help with recruiting or selling on LinkedIn.

Manage more leads more efficiently

For smaller teams or larger businesses, it might be difficult to keep track of certain leads. Let our platform help you stay up-to-date with your prospects and provide additional search features on our dashboard. With our CRM software, you can easily filter each account by their email address, and other identifying statistics.

Develop and expand your company's brand

By automating your LinkedIn search and connections, you can build and expand your network, brand awareness, and loyalty at a much faster rate.

For agencies and marketers, this can help you make your mark and establish yourself in the industry. With extreme connectivity on over 3,000+ apps, you can integrate different social media platforms to expand your company’s reach.

How to use LinkedIn leads generator?

To begin your journey with our LinkedIn leads generator, you select a plan from our website and get access to your Alfred account.

Once you log in to your account, you’ll be given immediate access to all the tools and features you need. We generally recommend doing some initial setup and research to maximise your experience on our platform. This includes adjusting your message templates and setting up Alfred’s functionality.

Depending on the platform you choose to automate and run Alfred on, it goes through four different sessions. The following is a brief overview of the different sessions and what Alfred does:

  • There is only one login session and all of the LinkedIn profiles connected to the platform are displayed.
  • During the campaign session, all prospects are engaged and relationships are fostered through messaging and connecting.
  • Alfred syncs new connection requests or contacts during a data gathering session (based on your LinkedIn pricing plan).
  • Finally, during the checking session, our bot verifies messages and sends follow-up messages, if necessary.

Learn more about our LinkedIn automation tool by visiting our website's help center or scheduling a demo. Alfred offers a 14-day free trial to those who wish to see for themselves how it works. Expand your business with Alfred today!

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