LinkedIn Messaging Limits

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LinkedIn Messaging Limits

The success of LinkedIn InMail campaigns is dependent on two factors – how effective the LinkedIn InMail templates you use are and how you deal with LinkedIn messaging limits. LinkedIn Inmail is a premium feature of the platform where you can expand your LinkedIn network fast by sending invitations and private messages to prospective customers even if you are not connected with them. Depending on what type of LinkedIn account you have, the features you can enjoy as well as the limits to it vary. For example, a free LinkedIn account has a LinkedIn connection limit and can join a limited number of LinkedIn connection groups only. The same can be said for their LinkedIn messaging capabilities. A forward-thinking business knows they need the right technology solution to make their LinkedIn automated messages reach the right audience with the right message all while managing their LinkedIn messaging limits optimally.

Meet Alfred – the top LinkedIn lead generation tool for LinkedIn prospecting and targeted sales campaigns. It gives you access to over 600 customisable InMailing templates and automates LinkedIn messages to send them quickly and accurately to your prospects based on their industry, location, or sales strategy. The algorithms of Alfred detect the type of LinkedIn account you have – including the direct connect limits, LinkedIn message character limit, and other LinkedIn messaging limits set on it – to deploy conservative yet strategic daily actions based on them to prevent your account from getting flagged. With Alfred, you can reach the right target group with the right information in your private message LinkedIn content to generate leads, drive website traffic, build brand awareness, and more.

How many LinkedIn messages can I send in a day?

LinkedIn has set the daily LinkedIn messaging limits at 1,000 InMails. This means that all accounts, whether business, premium, or those with LinkedIn Sales Navigator features, need to keep the daily InMails they send to other users on the platform below 1,000. If you send more than 1,000 messages per day, you will receive a notification from LinkedIn stating that your ability to send InMails will be disabled the following day. This is a major setback for businesses who need to maximise their reach to boost sales, so integrating the right technology to help you manage your LinkedIn messaging limits is ideal.

Alfred efficiently keeps a tally of the total number of messages you have sent in a day and automatically stops once you reached the limit to prevent you from getting flagged by LinkedIn. It also prevents auto-reply loops from detecting the conversations that occur and those that elicit responses to stop the campaign sequence for such leads.

What is the word limit for LinkedIn messages?

InMail messages can have a total of 200 characters in the subject and a limit of 1,900 words in the body, which is about 350 words. For easy tracking of your word count, LinkedIn has a dynamic character counter feature on the bottom-right section of the composition box. This is because users are more likely to read and engage in a concise message rather than a lengthy paragraph that is difficult to comprehend.

Alfred personalises your InMail templates according to these LinkedIn messaging limits. You can be assured that your messages fit the word limit for LinkedIn messages to increase the chances that users actually read them and know more about your service or product. As LinkedIn also limits the number of invitations you can send, Alfred deploys an auto-withdrawal feature where it automatically withdraws all the pending invites sent after a specified period to prevent your account from getting restricted from sending connection requests.

How to write an ideal LinkedIn message?

Generic messages are seen by users as spam messages, and they are likely to report them or ignore them, which is not the optimal way to spend the limited InMails you can send per day. An enticing LinkedIn message should have a powerful intro that can instantly capture the attention of the reader. Next, state your business, but make sure it is direct to the point. Conclude it with an impactful call to action to drive your prospect to take action such as giving you a call or visiting your website.

Alfred gives you an extensive selection of hundreds of InMailing templates that are all professionally written and customisable. It automates messages by sending InMails by user category to make sure they receive the right message and increase their chances of engaging. Although it is automated, Alfred makes the interaction seem natural with its scheduler feature that uses personalised content plus it mimics your working hours. You can also set the automation to run on specified days, weeks, or hours to pattern it with your ideal working hours.

With Alfred, you can get an overview of your network of interactions and engagements with your leads so you can focus on converting them into actual sales. Our system lets you manage and organise your contacts using tags, notes, and filters for your convenience in categorising them. You can even request a 14-day trial – for free – so you can experience how Alfred works around LinkedIn messaging limits in your LinkedIn business profile to help you grow your business.

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