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With LinkedIn as a known platform for professionals, LinkedIn prospecting has become the goal of every business to reach a wider audience with a high potential of becoming their future customers or clients.

To execute LinkedIn prospecting in the right way, you need to develop a customer profile and buyer personas, discover potential customers on LinkedIn, structure your LinkedIn outreach campaign, and reach out to your LinkedIn prospects.

These tasks can be done efficiently with the use of a LinkedIn tool such as Alfred. As a LinkedIn automation service with a myriad of features such as campaign management and automated outreach, Alfred has become one of the go-to options of famous brands for their LinkedIn prospecting agenda.

What is LinkedIn prospecting?

LinkedIn prospecting is a form of prospecting that is inclined toward identifying potential customers or clients on LinkedIn and establishing genuine relationships with them. By uncovering leads generated by prospecting tools such as LinkedIn InMail campaigns and the like, you can easily target those who can benefit from your offers, engage them by sending content like an article highlighting your services, and convert them into customers.

On a larger scale, LinkedIn prospecting can help you connect, engage, and expand your outreach because it has the power to do the following:

  • Gather potential prospect info like employment history, interests, and contact details
  • Communicate with a large audience
  • Analyze a competitor’s customer base and prospecting strategy
  • Discover new developments in the prospecting field

If you are interested in achieving effective LinkedIn prospecting, Meet Alfred can help you. With us, LinkedIn for prospecting is like a walk in the park as we take pride in our services like Multi-channel Campaign Sequences and InMail campaign automation that have helped many renowned companies to soar and reach their business goals.

What techniques can you use to find prospects on LinkedIn?

With all the technicalities associated with LinkedIn prospecting, the LinkedIn tool that aids in effective prospecting isn’t actually a hard thing to understand, be it a LinkedIn lead generation tool or a LinkedIn automation tool, if you know the right approach, techniques, and strategies to discover a prospect or leads that are highly convertible.

Some of those include the following:

Leverage the power of LinkedIn search

If you’d use LinkedIn prospecting features, LinkedIn is made with a powerful built-in search engine that lets you keep your eyes on the ball, like in successful professionals and businesses. By keeping a close eye on these clusters, LinkedIn prospecting will surely be a smooth-sailing process.

After performing a search on LinkedIn, you can filter the results based on:

  • First-level connections (people directly connected to you)
  • Second-level connections (people connected to your first-degree connections)
  • Third-level connections (people connected to your second-degree connections)
  • Location
  • School
  • Current company
  • Past company
  • Industry
  • Service categories

This technique will help you customize your search and effectively target the clusters that would likely be a plus to your business goals.

Sift through competitor networks

Another technique to achieve fruitful LinkedIn prospecting is by looking at the network of a company’s sales representative or the person who handles LinkedIn for sales. This can be a smart move as selling on LinkedIn will be much more effective when you engage or expand your outreach to the customers who have interests in the same industry or products as yours. As you automate LinkedIn messages, you can have better chances of reminding your competitor’s customers that yours is a better alternative.

However, this technique will not work if your competitor’s connections are hidden on their LinkedIn profile.

Make use of Google Boolean search

By making use of Google Boolean search, LinkedIn prospecting would never be a problem. It works by allowing you to type keywords related to your prospects into the Google search bar so you can discover LinkedIn profiles that match your criteria.

Here’s a brief look at how each operator works:

  • OR: Use the OR operator (all caps) between two words in your search query to return results containing either the first or second term.
  • AND: Use the AND operator (all caps) between two words in your search query to return results containing both words.
  • Use quotation marks to enclose a word in the search query to return results containing the exact phrase.

After doing this, go to the Google search bar and type and combine your keywords with the operators to discover LinkedIn profiles to pursue.

Use Alfred

Alfred is a LinkedIn automation tool that enables you to get more out of your LinkedIn account by automating some of the mundane and time-consuming tasks, such as sending connection requests and messages. It also allows you to keep track of your daily activities and see which ones are giving you the best results.

What tools can you use for LinkedIn prospecting?

Each LinkedIn tool or feature has its own specificities, so it’s best to choose the tool that will serve you best.

Here are the options available to you within the platform:

  • InMail
  • Sales Navigator
  • Private messages
  • Groups
  • Publications
  • Search filters

Being in a cutthroat business platform is a signal that you should go the extra mile to conduct LinkedIn prospecting that generates high-quality leads.

When you choose Alfred, keeping your LinkedIn prospecting in full swing is within reach. You can customize your LinkedIn messages, track your performance and analytics, and conduct effective InMail campaigns with one of the leading LinkedIn automation tools in the business. Start your 14-day trial now!

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