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Did you know that businesses’ first agenda on LinkedIn is to go out of their way to invest in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator features and make sales out of them? With more than 800 million users worldwide, businesses target this platform for one reason: LinkedIn Sales Navigator features remove any restrictions you would have on a normal LinkedIn account and offer you features that will aid you in fueling your hunt for more prospects and leads, and track your sales progress.

Indeed, investing in your LinkedIn tool, whether your LinkedIn lead generation tool or LinkedIn automation tool, can help you corner your market faster than you think. Meet Alfred can be that game-changer in your sales success. With Meet Alfred, you can launch your content, business, or enterprise in full swing as you partner with our LinkedIn automation experts.

One of the scariest things to do is invest in something without even testing the waters first. That’s why it is our goal to help you out and propel your sales through the right LinkedIn sales solutions. With our wide array of services like LinkedIn Scraper and CRM Sync, Performance Tracking and Analytics, and even InMail Campaign Automation, we are confident in bringing you not only the best Linkedin Sales Navigator features but everything that LinkedIn has to offer.

What is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

In layman’s terms, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a social selling platform and a LinkedIn leads generator that showcases different LinkedIn Sales Navigator features designed to help its users find the right prospects to build professional and trusted relationships. Using its search and filter features, reaching the right prospects becomes easier, and it also gives information and insights that help businesses grasp a deeper understanding of their leads and prospects. By knowing such, every business can curate more personalized and humanized content for their target audience and engage them or prompt them to make an action.

To effectively use LinkedIn for sales, Meet Alfred is the key. Composed of a pool of LinkedIn automation experts, we make selling on LinkedIn a breeze by strengthening your campaigns, helping you automate LinkedIn messages, and touch base with your target audience through a powerful LinkedIn prospecting tool, targeted selling, and a myriad of LinkedIn sales solutions. Here, LinkedIn Sales Navigator features are never compromised.

What are the different features of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

There are different account types for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, namely, Sales Navigator Core, Sales Navigator Advanced, and Sales Navigator Advanced Plus. Each account contains varied features. If you are interested in any of these offers, here are the different LinkedIn Sales Navigator features available for the accounts:

  • Advanced search
  • Alerts
  • Custom lists
  • Lead and account pages with account maps
  • InMail
  • Saved leads and accounts
  • Account center
  • Usage reporting
  • ROI reporting
  • Enterprise (SSO/EDI)
  • Partner integrations (embedded profiles, BI integrations, and CRM widget)
  • Manage accounts (import.CSV)
  • Advanced outreach (Smart Links)
  • Buyer interest
  • Team collaboration (shared lists and searches, team link)
  • CRM auto-save leads/contacts/accounts
  • CRM badge and filtering
  • CRM read-only information in Sales Navigator
  • CRM activity writeback
  • CRM lead and contact creation
  • CRM lead and contact updating
  • CRM data validation

According to LinkedIn, the benefits per account of this LinkedIn tool vary, so you should choose which LinkedIn navigator account will best fit your needs.

Additionally, it’s essential to choose the perfect platform that can successfully pull off your business online goals. As a multi-channel sales pipeline, Meet Alfred can help you make meaningful connections that count.

How to use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

As there are many ways you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator features such as finding the right people and companies faster, keeping track of key leads and company changes, and reaching and engaging with prospecting leads, you should learn the ropes so you can successfully use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Remember, when you’re first assigned a set in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, expect that an invitation will be sent to your email so you could log in to the Sales Navigator screen. Then, you can easily sign in to your account at any time you want. Keep in mind that you’ll use the same email address and password that’s registered to your LinkedIn account.

Take a look at the steps below that will help you access the LinkedIn tool from the homepage and maximize its features:

  • Click Sales Navigator in the top right corner of your homepage.
  • If you don’t see the Sales Navigator icon, click the Work icon and select Sales Navigator from the menu that appears.
  • Enter the email address and password you use to access your personal account.
  • Click Sign In.
  • Once you’re signed in, the first screen you’ll see is the Sales Navigator homepage, which opens in a separate window. There, you can filter the data that you’d like to access and see by selecting the categories on the left side of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator homepage.

To return to, click Go to in the top right corner of your page.

Our LinkedIn automation service Alfred can help you with a lot of the busy work in Sales Navigator. As one of the leading LinkedIn automation tools, Alfred can help you with tasks such as building lists of leads and sending connection requests and messages. This way, you can focus better on managing more tasks as Alfred handles the more technical parts of monitoring your sales and curating personalized LinkedIn campaigns.

It’s never too late to leverage and spice up your LinkedIn strategies. Book a demo now or start your 14-day free trial with us!

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