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With all the time, effort, and money you put into your LinkedIn lead generation tactics, it would be a waste to not organise and manage your new connections as best as possible with a reliable LinkedIn scraper. Scraping information on LinkedIn and other websites is a process that involves collecting and importing information into a file so you can use the data for marketing and lead generation purposes. You can send emails, ads, and other targeted content to your prospects more efficiently using the information you have scraped. With LinkedIn being a leading platform for professionals and businesses to engage, it’s not surprising why more and more organisations are seeking ways how to scrape data from LinkedIn. If you too are looking for a LinkedIn company scraper, then it’s high time you Meet Alfred.

Alfred is a smart LinkedIn lead generation tool and LinkedIn profile scraper that can help you maximise and expand your strategies for LinkedIn targeting and LinkedIn for sales. Our automated technology solution can help you generate and manage leads, scrape enriched LinkedIn data, maintain an effective network on LinkedIn, and improve your overall LinkedIn outreach.

Before you hire a LinkedIn scraping service, however, you should first know what exactly a LinkedIn extractor or LinkedIn contact scraper does, if it is legal to scrape LinkedIn connections and profiles, and how to scrape LinkedIn. Below, we have the answers to such questions.

What is LinkedIn profile scraping?

If you’re wondering how a LinkedIn scraper tool can help you, first, you should know what exactly profile scraping is. There are two primary types of profile scraping – public profile scraping and logged-in profile scraping. As its name suggests, public profile scraping involves extracting information from LinkedIn profiles that are viewable to the public so a LinkedIn scraper doesn’t need to log in to scrape data, whereas logged-in profile scraping scrapes information that is not accessible unless you log in. Profile scraping benefits both users and marketers as users can get more tailored ad suggestions and search results while marketers can target their ads better to the right audience.

Alfred offers a built-in CRM system where you and your team can record, organise, view, and manage your LinkedIn connections as well as other relevant information at a single point of control. You can easily access all the important information you need to personalise your connections with your prospects and tailor your email or message sequences as well. Our CRM sync tool also can help you understand your audience better as we enable you to utilise search filtering to identify what your prospects may have in common.

Is LinkedIn scraping legal?

According to LinkedIn itself, scraping is legal on the platform as long as it is done by an authorised LinkedIn scraper. Search engines are authorised to scrape data to collect information throughout LinkedIn and the internet – such scrapers operate legally. LinkedIn, however, prohibits unauthorised scraping which happens when someone extracts data from the platform without permission. Scraping without permission from LinkedIn is illegal as data can be taken and used in ways that the users and the platform have not agreed to. Linked assures its users, however, that they use their entire toolkit, which includes AI and legal methods, to prevent illegal scraping from their platform.

Meet Alfred is an authorised LinkedIn scraper so you can trust that we follow LinkedIn’s guidelines when it comes to profile scraping. Our CRM integration service lets us create a seamless connection between our CRM and LinkedIn to enable more efficient data-sharing between your team. We can also help you stay in touch with your leads as Alfred’s CRM system exports your LinkedIn contact data in a CSV file for easy access.

How to scrape a LinkedIn profile?

Scraping LinkedIn profiles can be done manually or through automated tools, but the bottom line is that you need some kind of LinkedIn scraper software to do it effectively and safely. Before you use a scraping tool on LinkedIn, make sure that it is authorised by LinkedIn to perform scraping strategies on their platform. Alfred is a reliable LinkedIn scraper you can trust to legally extract information from users or organisation profiles on Linkedin such as email addresses, phone numbers, company names, skills, and others from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You can then get a downloadable file containing all the information you have scraped to help you communicate efficiently with your leads. Alfred lets you access all your LinkedIn messages and continue conversations with your prospects right on our platform in real time. No matter how large your LinkedIn network grows, our automated solution will set you up for scalability so you never miss a chance to make a meaningful connection and convert your leads into actual sales.

With Alfred, you can customise your outreach efforts when beginning conversations or following up on connections you have made as the important prospect information you can easily access from our platform will not only help you narrow down your demographics but ultimately make your LinkedIn engagements more personal. Alfred will also make sure that your scraping activities stay within the LinkedIn scraping limits so you don’t get flagged by LinkedIn.

No business is too small nor too large to benefit from Alfred – the cloud-based CRM solution for future-minded organisations that want to maximise their lead generation capabilities. Talk to one of our LinkedIn automation experts today or watch a demo to know more about Alfred.

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