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With analytics and metrics as crucial elements to improving and upgrading your strategies, the LinkedIn Social Selling Index is a well-designed LinkedIn tool that can help you measure, track, and improve your sales, LinkedIn network, and relationships.

As LinkedIn has become the top platform for professionals, the LinkedIn Social Selling Index, which uses an SSI score, is a helpful way to see how you’re progressing and succeeding with social selling. This provides you relevant insights into how successful you are at developing your brand, connecting with the right people, engaging with insights, and establishing relationships. You can further determine the effectiveness of your overall marketing index and sales impact on the platform by using a LinkedIn lead generation tool, a LinkedIn automation tool, or any LinkedIn tool.

If you would like to have a more detailed, real-time tracking of your sales and performance aside from the LinkedIn Social Selling Index, Alfred can help you. Through this LinkedIn automation tool, you can seamlessly monitor your campaign’s real-time performance with detailed analytics and statistics, including LinkedIn acceptance rate, leads generated, replies, and more. We also make sure that you’ll be in the hands of our LinkedIn automation experts so your goals on the platform will be launched in full swing.

What is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index?

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index or better known as SSI is a measure or indicator of the social selling skills of a salesperson. First introduced in 2014, the LinkedIn Social Selling Index was crafted with the four pillars of social selling in mind. It is a numerical score that tells how well each user fulfills proper social selling practices. At the same time, the data reflected also helps sales leaders to analyze and highlight the link between social selling engagement and performance that is happening on LinkedIn.

To help you understand how it’s being done, here are the four pillars of social selling that LinkedIn uses in calculating your SSI score and in helping your future LinkedIn prospecting agenda:

  • Establish your professional brand
  • Find your potential buyers
  • Engage them with insights
  • Build long-lasting business relationships

At Meet Alfred, we already know how important these things are for you. That’s why we provide the best LinkedIn automation tool for your business that is conceptualized and designed according to the four pillars of social selling. Visit our website to know how we leverage every LinkedIn business profile.

How to find your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn?

Take a look at the outlined steps below to find your Social Selling Index or SSI on LinkedIn:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Navigate to
  • You should get a full dashboard view of all of the key metrics, as well as your SSI.

By knowing how to find your LinkedIn Social Selling Index, selling on LinkedIn will be more effective as you keep track of your activities, and you can determine what are the metrics that boost your engagements and those that will eventually put you down the drain. The score is automatically calculated by LinkedIn, so this is simple and easy to understand.

Take advantage of Alfred so you can further understand how to leverage each metric and skill effectively.

How to improve your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn?

Did you know that by spending as little as 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn and following proper SSI tips, your LinkedIn Social Selling Index score can improve?

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the simplest ways to raise your score and get measurable results by using LinkedIn for sales.

Boost your personal brand with a completed LinkedIn profile

Your clients and prospects depend on your LinkedIn profile’s information that builds credibility. So if you haven’t already completed your LinkedIn profile, this is a great way to start raising your SSI score. LinkedIn’s algorithms look at profiles that are complete when determining your score.

Proactively search for the right people to connect with on LinkedIn

Are you looking for influencers and decision-makers to connect with? LinkedIn’s purpose is to build your network of connections. So by proactively searching for the right people, LinkedIn can reward you with a great Social Selling Index score.

Engage with relevant insights and share valuable content on LinkedIn

Many people give their trust to professionals who share, engage, and post the most credible content. Therefore, you can amplify your reach by choosing the relevant insights and valuable content on LinkedIn. That way, it can position you as an expert or a person who is well-educated about his or her industry and thus help you gain a better SSI score in the future.

Join groups to connect with the right people on LinkedIn

To increase your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn, you can also join groups on the platform to find the right people and increase the chances of getting more high-quality prospects that are beneficial for your growth and LinkedIn SSI score.

Want to become more visible while leveraging your brand recognition?

At Meet Alfred, we help professionals learn the art of social selling through our LinkedIn automation service. Selling on the platform is not just about closing a deal but is actually a personalized and long process that involves building relationships and your credibility as a company. So let us help you achieve those goals by making us your partner in building an active and good Social Selling Index score that generates high-quality prospects.

Check out our website or book a demo with us to start exploring options.

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