Warm up your outreach with LinkedIn automation

Reach and engage prospects through
Linkedin automation and social sequences.

Socialize your outreach and start off relationships on the right foot.

Cold emails are disruptive. Reach and build relationships with prospects the right way by getting noticed at scale.

Trigger look-backs with automated profile visits and get noticed by prospects

Automate and sequence profile visits to attract prospects and customers to interact with your brand when they're ready. Warm up your engagements to spark warmer conversations.

Invite prospects to connect and start building better relationships

Spark better conversations by inviting prospects to connect on Linkedin automatically. Stop chasing, and start building relationships the right way.

Schedule personalized follow-up messages to new connections

Send automated follow-up messages after leads accept your connection request or to your existing network, and experience higher open rates and replies through LinkedIn messages than cold emails and calls.

Send prospecting InMails to the people who matter most to your business

Alfred lets you schedule and send unlimited  Free InMails to 1st degree connections and Open Link profiles, to increase your reach and send your personalised special offers about your products and services.

"Selling radically new technology means changing the mindset of your potential clients. It requires a more careful and personal approach than provided by traditional sales tools. We use Alfred to keep our prospects updated on recent changes in the AI market, and it works like a charm!"

Konstantin Savenkov     Founder and CEO, Intento

Socialize your sales engagements and generate more leads doing less.

Spend more time talking with potential customers and less time worrying about low email opens and replies.

Warmer lead generation

No one likes waking up to cold, unsolicited sales emails with clickbaity subject line. Prospect the right way, and warm up your approach with Linkedin automation. Build relationships by connecting with prospects and engaging in real conversations, not just a quick sales pitches.

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