Linkedin Automation to Drive More Sales

With Alfred you do more than just automating tedious Linkedin tasks. You start conversations with prospects and bring them closer to the sale.

linkedin automation

Sales Enablement Beyond Email

With Alfred, you create more relevant Linkedin engagements, tailoring responses to a prospect’s interactions with you and make each action look natural and genuine.

  • Advanced Sequences
  • Custom Schedules
  • Intelligent Tracking
  • Reply Detection
  • Tailored Messaging
  • Interval Randomization
profile visits

Automate profile visits to trigger social look-backs

  • Schedule and automate unlimited profile views
  • Monitor and track social look-backs (coming soon)
  • Warm up your outreach with soft, pre-messaging touches
  • Increase brand awareness through profile visits
  • Sequence profile visits and get noticed by prospects sooner rather than later.

  • Find and attract prospects and customers to interact with your brand when they're ready.

  • Shorten your sales cycle with warmer conversations through soft pre-message touches.

  • Qualify leads effectively and enjoy better conversations with higher conversion rates.

connect requests

Invite prospects to connect and build warmer relationships

  • Connect response detection with triggered follow-up actions
  • Withdraw pending invites after X days (coming soon)
  • Personalize invitations with first, last name snippets, company, location and more
  • Build and expand your brand presence and reach
  • Automate connection requests and start building a network effect on Linkedin.

  • Trigger outbound emails, follow-up messages and profile visits on connect.

  • Trigger the first follow-up message immediately when prospects connect.

  • Spark more conversations with a connect acceptance rate of over 38% across the board.

follow-up messages

Schedule personalized follow-up messages

  • Schedule unlimited message sequences
  • Manual engagements stop follow-up messages
  • Personalize invitations with first, last name snippets, company, location and more
  • Reply detection stops follow-up actions in sequence
  • Send automated follow-up messages after leads accept your connection request.

  • Experience 53% higher opens and replies through messages versus cold emails.

  • Send personalized messages using first and last name snippets.

  • Smart detection ends sequence when prospects are manually engaged.

outbound emails coming soon

Send warmer emails to the right prospects at the right time

  • Build a complete sales workflow from social to email
  • Automatically tracks and monitors opens and replies
  • Response detection stops follow-up actions
  • Trigger email cadences after invites are accepted
  • Design advanced, trigger-response sales workflows through a simple interface.

  • Trigger emails to send based responses to social selling engagements.

  • Covers all your sales processes in one fully-integrated system.

  • Warm up prospects on Linkedin before sending an email.

"The results of our campaign in Alfred have been positive, given that we are still early in our process and continue to tweak our processes to improve results. Our campaign has generated an increase in connections by the thousands, led to many conversations about Pyramid, and resulted in a number of sales qualified leads."

Elsa MacDonald     Director of Digital Marketing, Pyramid Analytics

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