Beginner Tips to Grow in Affiliate Marketing

Beginner tips for affiliate marketing

I think you’re a beginner, Maybe you just joined affiliate marketing. Just like I did a long time ago. Here are a few tips for you to start your affiliate marketing carrier which I used to build my own carrier.

In this Article I have tried my best to explain how you can kick start your career in Affiliate Marketing. 

All the tips are working and well tested by me if implemented properly. It will have great results for sure.

Tell a Friend:

It's a great step if you tell your friends, including your classmates, Employees etc  about the service you’re promoting with your affiliate link because it's a lot easier to sell/product to a known person than a stranger. 

Because your friend knows you personally can trust you easily as compared to convince a stranger to buy a service. But always keep in mind if you’re promoting a service please ensure before selling Is it working perfectly?

 Because when you’re selling a product/service to your friend that means he/she is trusting you. You should n't break their trust so it won’t hurt your reputation and it will help you in building future relationships in business and personally too.

 Social Media Posting:

I don’t know a single guy in my network who doesn’t use social media. Almost everyone uses social media. If you have a personal profile or any page related to the product or service you’re going to promote it’s too easy for you to earn extra income. If you don’t have then you can create one and start earning. 

Few ways to promote on your Page or Profile:

  • Post a swipe-up story with your link on your page or profile. If a guy needs that product. User will go to the site and buy the product from your link and you will get paid.
  • Join groups related to that service and product on Linkedin, Facebook, etc, and post about that service. If the right person saw that post he will purchase that service.
  • Join off-topic groups on social media mostly many people ask for suggestions you can suggest to them about that service. If they purchase from your link you will get paid again.
  • Use hashtags and keywords related to the product in the post.

That’s not the end there are uncountable ways to promote services, Once you get into it. You will be a pro at this work. Always keep in mind never stop exploring, More you explore more you learn.

Direct Messaging:

Direct messaging someone is a great idea to promote your affiliate program. If you’re posting on Social Media there are few algorithms that really sucks Like they will show your post around 10 people if the post is not that engaging.

But in the case of Direct Messaging messaging someone 90% of the user is gonna see your message until it’s not there in the spam folder. You can message them on LinkedIn, Insta, Twitter, and etc Most of them are gonna reply too if they’re interested in the service and looking for something like that.

They’re 50-50% chance in the case of Direct Messaging to sell your product/service if you’re targeting the right audience for the product you’re selling 


I have already included blogging many times in my article just because it’s my favourite way to engage clients to buy the service/product. If you write articles then you’re already a pro you know how to promote a product. If you’re not running a blog then no issues. I’m here to help you, If you don’t own a website you can write articles on other websites. Many websites allow you to post whatever you want.

Few Tips for writing an article:-

  • Always get to the point, never write useless stuff nobody is gonna read. It reduces the interest of the reader too.
  • Add hyperlinks whenever you talk about that service in the name.
  • Always post on related websites
  • Use hashtags and keywords related to the product in your article.

Explore More, Learn More, Earn More.

Email Marketing:

There are Billions of users who use email daily all over the world. It’s no surprise. Email is a great platform for advertising. Even brands use email marketing a lot, you just have to find the right audience for your product/service.

Few Tips for Email Marketing:-

  • Use mutual connections to contact the recipient.
  • Write the universe’s most intriguing subject lines.
  • Write emails yourself, don't use templates to write emails.
  • Get to point quickly and try to write short emails

You can refer to this article to know more about Email Marketing. Always keep in mind never spam and try to filter customers more as you can.


You have seen many people create videos on youtube about a product and services. They create reviews, Tutorials about it and tell their audience to buy that service, There are 70% chance the guy who watched your video is gonna try that service if he/she is looking for the same you’re promoting.

Tips to make a profession Youtube video:-

  • Always make videos Simple, Short, and onto the point.
  • Explain perfectly and deeply about the product.
  • Always give your link in the description and talk about that in the video.
  • If you can’t record videos then you can make graphic videos like cartoons for promotion.
  • Use hashtags and keywords related to the product in the video.

YouTube is a great platform to dive deeper into its recommended and reviewed products from affiliate brand partners.

Questions Answers:

If you’re active on social media you may see many people ask about the product suggestions and services to help them in growing. For Example:-

Qus:- Have anybody used LinkedIn Automation tools? If yes please suggest one of them and your experience with the service.

Ans: Hey dear I have been using Meet Alfred for a long time and it gives really great results you can check out once here is the link. 

Most people ask these types of questions on websites Like Quera, Facebook Groups, and Linkedin Groups. You can join these types of groups to promote your affiliate link.


The more you explore the more you’re gonna learn, once you get into it. You will find your own ways to promote your affiliate that’s why to start now. You can use the strategies outlined above to get started and build a multi-channel promotion program, ensuring you reach the right audiences at scale with your affiliate marketing.