Email Marketing vs. Social Media: Is There a Clear Winner?

Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

It is not very easy to decide between the two most important tools for generating sales. But social media is generally used to increase the visitors to your website, to generate traffic. And with the help of OptinMonster, one can turn those social media leads into your subscribers. And after that with the help of an email marketing service like Constant Contact you can focus on creating connections with your subscribers and retaining future clients.

By which means you can connect most with consumers Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing:

 You may be surprised to hear this but social media is not having a tremendous engagement rate. Hardly over half a percent, in fact (0.58%), I am sure it is not what you were anticipating.

But On the other spectrum, email reaches about 85% of the people that you are going to deliver the message to (also known as the inbox placement rate) and it is also having an open rate of almost 30%.

To increase your original reach on social media, the audience has to first connect with your mails, and this can be hard to attain. But with the help of email, you can improve your inbox placement rate completely by following some of the reasonable strategies to make sure your emails don’t go in the spam box.

How to Generate More Sales Email Marketing Or Social Media Marketing:

This is a very casual fact that over 65% of clients sign up for brand emails to get notified about the promotional events from the brand.

Most of the people who start following big brands on social media don’t like it when those brands start to get into their DMs.

One of the major factors is discounts for generating sales but how are consumers able to find them??

When consumers want to find a great offer or deal, email is the next go-to option.

Over 50 percent of the users are going to take a look at the male box rather than visiting any online website like Facebook or Instagram.

So most of the clients are fine with accepting your promotional emails if they are looking for good deals in their inboxes. But do these promotional emails work to generate sales for the company?

More than 60% of consumers have said that after reading the emails they have purchased from the online stores.

But there is also an explanation for it. Because most of the users are comfortable buying goods or services from online stores. Over 95 global internet users have obtained products online. And most of the social media users have faith in social media. So if they are looking for any products the chances of them doing their research in social media is very high. 

 But in the beginning, it seems difficult to push the consumers directly from social media advertisement to social purchases.

Which can Provide you more Return On Investment (ROI) Email marketing?? or Social Media Marketing???

If you are asked what is the most significant way of measuring the potency of any provided channel, then the answer will be ROI. A business needs to earn profit in the long run.

The chances of it being email marketing are very high.

You can be thinking about what's the ROI for social media but this is a bit complex. While one organization may have a method that is working reasonably well for them, the other brand may be using a completely different way to generate revenue for their businesses.

There is no definite rule that you can follow. If one method is working out for a company we can't assure you that it will work for you as well. But to get the best ROI you can concentrate on email marketing but create a social media marketing plan that makes a point for the consumers that you have been looking for.

Having said that, Social media marketing is also tremendous for generating traffic to your website. By collaborating with them. e famous YouTubers you can go viral, or you can also pay for social media ads.

Email marketing is incredible for yielding leads, steering sales, and establishing customer retention.

Both Email marketing and Social Media Marketing have some advantages and disadvantages. They are not similar and they shouldn’t be dealt with as substitutes for each other. Depending on your business and the priorities you have to choose, the marketing method will be best suited for your brand. But the main fact is that top marketers are going to use these two together for generating as many leads as possible.