Email Outreach Techniques that Professional Use

Email ouyreach techniques

Email can be your best prospecting tool. Most of the prospects check their emails throughout the day, So you’re going to engage them where they are already spending their time.

There are alot of benefits of emails if you use them strategically, You have only 1-2 mins to get the attention of the buyer. If you can’t they will move to their work

If you really want clients to respond to your mails and wanna generate leads then you’re in the right place. So without wasting your precious time, Let’s get started.

1) Use Visuals

Using Visuals in your email is a great way to attract the client, You can include any GIF, MEME, or any picture. But keep in mind all should be related to your email. You can also add your company collateral to let them know more about you and your company.

Here is Meet Alfred’s Collateral, You can check once to get an idea of what collateral is.  

  1. Visual says more than you: Yeah adding a visual makes your email less lengthy. Nobody wants to read lengthy emails. If you add a visual it will make your email less lengthy.
  2. Eye Catchy: Visuals make your email more eye-catchy and interesting. You can easily grab your client's attention by adding an interesting visual.
  3. Visual Humanizes you: Visuals will humanize your identity and You're not a sales robot who is writing this email to almost 200-300 people daily.

Of Course, visuals depend on your industry too. Like you can’t add a meme on a professional mail. But you can add your collateral to that mail. So let’s get to the second point.

2) Make it easy 

Always try to make your mails as easy as you can, The easier for your client there are more chances for the reply. But I have seen mails are mostly long, Confusing, and Open-ended.

There are 3 simple steps for a prescription.

First, Focus on your email. Describe a single topic and ask them a question or you can also suggest one action step to them. This will make sure your message is not going to confuse your client.

Second, Make your email a six-sentence cap. You don't require more as you’re going to cover only 1 topic per message.

Third, Make the next step on to the point. Book a meeting on your calendar? Can we have a call discussion or something like that you can add. It helps them to act quickly.

3) Find something Interesting

 Many sales professionals use this technique to get the attention of the client. While this technique can be effective, It’s also relatively transparent. Some clients don’t wanna talk about their favorite Football Player or favorite baseball player. Since these topics are not related to the deal too.

I suggest checking their LinkedIn Profile or any social media account to get to know about their Achievement, Skill, Project, or something they are interested in.

After finding the right topic. Praise your client or ask them a qus about it. Not only will it make them interested and boost their ego, But you have to show them you’re really interested and you did research before contacting them and you’re not doing time pass.

It can sound a little cringe, But this is one of the examples,

“I saw you’re interested in NASA Projects. So you’re going to join them at their first Mars restaurant?”

The more you research, the more you’re going to know about them. Make deep research and it will increase your chances to get the opportunity to deal with them. You can checkout this article if you think you need more information.

You can use these techniques to reach your clients through emails. Let me know in the comments if they really replied ;).