Email Outreach: Tips to Become a Pro

Email Outreach Tips

Billions of emails are sent by businesses and entrepreneurs around the world every day.

For example, You may also have many unopened emails in your inbox too. The sender is trying to get your attention, so He/She can work with you in a way that grows their business.

You’re not going to reply to most of these emails. You will ignore most of them and put them into the trash folder.

Most Important Rules to Follow While Sending Outreach Emails

When I started my sales career long ago, I also wrote emails just like you. Those emails were ineffective and I was wasting my time writing messages where nobody is gonna read them.

That was until I learned one important lesson: The real goal behind any email outreach is to make meaningful relationships with the person you’re trying to contact. It isn’t to spam them with offers until they magically decide to purchase your service or work with you.

Once I noticed this, my outreach emails started to get opened. Since then, I collaborated with the startup founders to market experts. I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t.

So whatever you’re trying to do, looking for your next client, booking yourself on someone else’s show outreach emails are a necessity in 2021. Follow these tips or end up in someone’s trash folder.

Use Mutual Connections

When sending outreach emails, keep in mind you’re not the only one emailing with a similar topic. So whenever possible, who knows your recipient. Ask them to introduce you.

Use LinkedIn to research your client or any other social media platform. You have to find common followers. Ig they have a blog check out who contributed there. You just have to find a common connection.

You’re not always going to find mutual contact that helps you for a quick intro, so look to see who might build connections to influence your target recipient.

Write the universe’s most intriguing subject lines

At most, you have less than a second to make them interested in opening your message. Try to create it as eye-catchy as you can.

You want your recipient to think’ “Really? Why?” as soon as they check your subject. While there are many ways to do this. According to my experience, the easiest way is to either challenge them or simply ask them a question.

Here is the list of examples of effective subject lines:

  • Can I feature you in my article?
  • Question for you, [First Name]...
  • Interested in being on my podcast [First name]?
  • During the survey, my audience beseech you...
  • Why I think you’re perfect for my next podcast

Try to make your subject line as specific and personal as possible. Even more importantly make sure your subject line reflects what the reader will find in the Email. This is by far one of the easiest ways to make trust with your prospect.

 Get to point quickly

I have seen many emails in my inbox with the paragraph of text about the company’s propaganda and values. Most professionals don’t care about it and they have no reason to.

They care only about how they will help them in growing.

For Example

  • Introduction
  • Why you’re reaching them
  • What’s in it for them 
  • How you’ll help them in growing by promoting throughout the collaboration
  • Why your audience will a perfect fit for their business

Keep your email short and to the point. Your prospect is busy; they don’t have time to read long paragraphs. You just have to present in that way, they can make quick decisions about whether they need what you’re offering.

Use other platforms beyond email

For some people, email might not be their preferred channel of communication and you’ll have more chances of getting their attention if you speak to them over a phone call or social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter.

 If your recipient doesn’t respond to the email, try one of the following methods:

  • Connect with them and send them a message on LinkedIn
  • Send them a message on Twitter
  • Private message them on any other social platform

Start with your introduction and what you do. Ask them Questions about their recent projects. This helps create common ground and trust and sets you up for future conversations.

When it comes to big opportunities, like partnerships. In this scenario, phone calls may be much more effective as compared to email at building trust and securing the opportunity, Use email for following up on conversations.

Key to successful email outreach

Target email outreach is a very effective way to create big opportunities that can help you grow to very big heights.

To make a successful email outreach is to focus on creating conversation and building relationships. If you can do this, you’re well on your way to make your email outreach successful