How to combine FB ads and Emails for better conversions

Email Marketing
August 17, 2021
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Email Marketing

You possibly know how significant Facebook Marketing is for your business or corporation in 2021 when the competition is exuberant with companies trying to mark their way up. But, what you don't know is how incorporating your Facebook marketing approach with emails can help your business to reach the next level.

Once you have linked your Facebook with email marketing then you can reach a large section of the audience within just a few seconds. This implies that you will be able to reach out to potential new client's and then introduce your product or services to them. When you will start getting a large number of followers you have to turn those potential followers into your leads and encash the moment.

Your main aim should be to sell your products and services, and email marketing enables you. Sales pitches help to increase conversions, and with the help of email, you don't have to worry about your message length.

How to Interlink your Facebook with Email to Generate more links Successfully:

  1. Creating Facebook Ads that will turn Leads into Visitors:  

If you don’t have a Facebook business page, then don’t worry, because creating one is super easy there are already pre-configured options:

  • You have to just click on the “Promote” button below the Navigation Tabs
  • Creating Add Campaign to drive traffic for the Website - The main aim is to get more website visitors. You have to mention the URL of your website in this step.
  • Selecting the format of your ad - A sole image is enough but you can experiment with videos, images, and more.
  1. Creating Outstanding Post to Entice your Audience:

You have to focus on the main highlight of your ad. You have to design the ad in such a way that the consumers are interested in reading the content. For this, you can use different types of images, GIFs and videos. The headline of your content should be crisp and compelling and it should be easy so that the audience can keep it in their mind. Something that is too complicated will not be appreciated by most of the consumers and they will lose their interest. So try to make it brief and easy.

  1. Making the ad Interesting: 

Most of the consumers on Facebook want to build a friendly relationship. So you have to keep in mind that if you keep on just promoting your products that won't be enough. You have to create an ad in a very smart manner.  So that when the audiences are interested in your advertisement they will still be entertained. The consumers should be able to understand what you are trying to say, what is the reason behind the ad. Try to create something funny and at the same time, it should impact the customers. You can also collaborate with social YouTubers that will help to grow the number of audiences. Because usually, these YouTubers have a lot of followers and the consumers mostly trust these YouTubers. So collaborating with YouTubers can create a good positive impact for your company.

  1. Removing Distractions: 

The objective of any business landing page is to assure you of an easy sign-up procedure directing to simpler conversion. While landing pages serve to acquire the lead’s information, any kind of problems can divert their priority. The main focus should be to create an easy and simple page for the consumers. They don't want any ad or popup to appear. This can break their focus and ruin the whole user experience. You have to keep it and clean as much as possible so that the consumers can read it within a few seconds and their time will also not be wasted. The easiest way to generate leads is to keep the whole process simple.

So we hope that simply by following these 4 easy techniques you can interlink your Facebook and email marketing campaigns and can generate as many links for your website as possible.

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