How to send more than 100 Invites per week on LinkedIn

Linkedin Invites Restrcitions

LinkedIn has introduced a new restriction in which you can't send more than 100 invitations per week. For those who have been using LinkedIn for a long time, they know that 100 invites are drastically lower than normally what we used to have. Having said that, there is nothing to be troubled about. LinkedIn is just trying to protect its users from spam or unwanted emails and maintain its prominence as a professional platform. If you will try to send more than 100 invites weekly, Then you will see a warning on LinkedIn: 

"You've reached the weekly invitation limit"         

Linkedin Invites Screenshot


How do I increase my invitation limit on LinkedIn?

Are you thinking of what to do now?? Without LinkedIn how are you going to stay connected??

No worries, we have already come up with a solution to the problem. A strong team is an essential requirement for a high performance. With the help of Meet Alfred which is quite user-friendly with a great interface, you can create a compelling team where you can invite more than 100 connections without getting restricted. Alfred Business plan users will be able to send up to 400 invites per week without any restriction. This is a proprietary technology that Alfred has developed allowing it to continue to send fully personalized connections in a very safe and restricted way. But you don't have to get demoralized if you want to send more than 100 invitations per week. You only need to sign up for Alfred or switch to the business plans. 

Are you confused about the plans?? Thinking about which plan will be more suitable for you??

We are also having a solution for that, to help you identify the best plan appropriate for your requirements.

Types of Plan Available:-

There are two types of plans available from which you can choose the plan that is most suitable for you and your requirements.      

Alfred also brings you a feature of a free 14 days trial without paying anything and then you can decide whether you want to continue with it or not. To get started with a trial you have to choose a  plan according to your preference and fill up all the details that will be required and it is absolutely a free trial where no credit card, no obligation, and no risk will be involved.

  1. Personal Plan - This plan is perfect for individuals interested in automating multi-messaging outreach campaigns on LinkedIn & email. This plan is suitable for those who are not having a larger number of audience or customers. This personal Plan will provide you to connect with colleagues and customers. You can also search and view profiles as well. You can receive unlimited emails and messages. One can also receive and provide recommendations. The only drawback of this plan is that you can't apply for more than 100 invitations per week.
  1. Business Plan - It is potentially made for the team and businesses which generally requires strong communication skills so that they can engage with the potential customers across multiple channels and at a very large scale. This helps in keeping a better communication between the management and the subordinate. The chances of having a diverse team are very high nowadays so all the team members can offer support to each other. As we all know that communication is the key to success, keeping connections will encourage them and improve their performance. The extra features that you will receive are             
  •  Advanced Personalized Campaigns on LinkedIn, Email, Twitter, and more.
  • Social Media is an important aspect in promoting the company 
  • Advanced LinkedIn Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Prospect Manager
  • Integrates With 2,000+ Tools
  • Template Library With over 600+ Sample Messages
  • Team Collaboration 

No more cold calling or hard sell is required to gain the attention of customers. Alfred helps you to find out the targeted audience that you have been looking for. It helps in creating multiple promotional campaigns that will be beneficial for both the potential customers and the corporation. The greatest advantage is that it is very cost-efficient and also quite simple to use. Alfred has a lot to offer to small and medium-sized businesses. Alfred is a dependable tool that is easy to use without having any restrictions and is suitable for both small and large organizations.