Top 5 Examples of Brilliant Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing
August 13, 2021
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Email Marketing

We all need some examples to look up to even if we are in any field. And email marketing is something that you need to learn from the best. Because this is the only way in which you can give your best to your business in this way you can improve the content for your website. But not every email is satisfactory. You have to find the best emails and adopt the style of email writing. So today we are bringing the best five email campaigns to inspire your email marketing strategy.

Here are the top 5 Examples of the Best Email Marketing Campaigns:

  • Uber
  • Litmus
  • BuzzFeed
  • Taylor Stitch
  • SweetGreen
  • Uber:  Here the email marketing campaign is very sleek and simple. Usually, in uber's email newsletters, you will see that they directly take you to the point. The message is obvious with a straightforward CTA, which is most suitable for the consumers who don't spend a lot of time reading these messages. And for those people who are interested in knowing more about the company or anything relating to Uber, there is always a link provided at the end of the message. Uber ensures your safety and provides you with maps of the rides.
  • Litmus: The email marketing design is very unique and popular. These emails are made in a very smart and organised manner. Litmus uses different types of GIF's to grab the attention of the consumers. The different use of colours and animations encourages the consumers to take a look at their emails. And the main taglines are also very eye-catchy and made in such a way that the readers can remember them. 
  • BuzzFeed: It is one of the best brands for writing the most popular content. Emails and newsletters became one of the most popular sources of generating traffic for Buzzfeed. Their headlines and captains are very attractive and make you read the articles immediately. You can read about anything and everything in Buzzfeed and one of the most popular topics is there every Friday ' This week in cats '. You can read and learn about cats if you are interested. You will also get several links for related articles as per your interest. These articles include a lot of GIFs and pictures to keep up with your attention. There is also an option for asking questions or any advice from Dumb Cat and you can get a reply in the upcoming emails. 
  • Taylor Stitch: This is a very customer-friendly brand. For them, the customer comes first, they are interested in their customer's choices and preferences. Their designs are very classic and stylish but not very chunky. Mostly they go for all white with some other pastel shades and their prints or designs are very motivating and inspiring. They usually have limited stocks so you have to make your decision first to acquire these very comfortable and very stylish clothes. Just like the brand their email promotions are also very limited to the point and very classy. Their messages are short and sweet and you don't have to waste a lot of time reading these emails. And the links are provided for the website at the end of the emails as always.
  • SweetGreen:  This company has the smartest promotional techniques for their customers. One of their sayings is that " Green Usually Looks Good in You " in this way they are encouraging their consumers to order. Once you have unlocked the Green status you will receive some emails saying that you have got some advantages that you can acquire with your first order. They also have a promotional technique of sending you a free salad on your Birthday. This way you can stay healthy even on your birthdays. They usually target those consumers who are interested in their products and want to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

There are many other interesting emails campaigns out there that you can get inspired by. Nowadays emails are becoming a necessary way of communicating with the users and we hope that by reading this article you were able to get some new promotion ideas for your own business.

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