What makes a “Good” Email Outreach to a “Great” Email Outreach

Email Outreach

Outreach emails are sent for many reasons, but most of them have one thing in common: they are structured too poorly to get a reply. The outreach emails we receive, usually most of them not worth replying.

However, writing a “Good” email is not the toughest part. To get a response, you have to create a “Great” bcoz that’s the only way to stand out from “good” competitors.

Outreach emails are sent for many reasons. It could be business-related or can be an advertisement. It could be to encourage someone to share something that you’ve posted.

The problem is, We all get alot of these.  So to whom reply, Of Course, the worthy one who wrote the “great” email. So we are going to reply to some of the selective emails.

So I have put together standard formatting on the basis of every outreach email I see. Most of the emails start with a greeting, they have some sort of content involved in them, a give usually the good ones and the great ones have a giveback of some kinda close then a signature.

Let me start and separates the good ones from the great ones 
So here is the Example:


Hii Martin                        (✓)     (That’s totally fine. Right way to start, It’s personal and friendly.) 

Dear Mr. Martinez         (✘)     (That's my grandfather. Dear Mr. Martinez? Who's that?)

Dear CEO/My Friend     (✘)     (It's clear that they don't know you.)

Hey dude/Buddy            (✓)     (It sort of has that colloquial association.)

If it’s someone who knows me closely, they’re not going to use my name. But I know very well, no problem. But that greeting is a very important point in an outreach email.

Next, Intros

“I heard you might be in Sydney next month. Please drop me a line if you make it, We’d love to meet you there and Geraldine”.                                                                                                                            (✓) 

(Great. Now they've established a few things. They show that they know me, they trust me, and they care for me)

“FYI, my start-up was nominated for the XYZ award," some particular award show. "It would mean a lot if you could tweet or share the link.”                                                                                                     (✘) 

(The only thing is good, it's on to the point but looks like spam emails. So that’s not a good way according to me)

 "Hey Martin, we linked to you on our blog. Please link to us now."                                                (✘) 

(No, it's not going to happen. Communication isn't done in that fashion.)

The Last Thing, Signatures

“Sincerely, Tomy, CEO and Found of XYZ.com”                                                                                    (✘)  

(This is smart. It seems like this would be a very small piece, but it's actually a game-changer for a lot of people.)

“Sure, email me and I'll be happy to help out with something."                                                      (✓) 

(So they are making sure, without being obvious, without being too like.)

That’s the end of this article, I hope you enjoyed it. You can check out my more articles. If you are really interested in email outreach. See you bye :)