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Alfred for Connecting


Higher response rates when sending connect requests compared to email.

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More opens and replies to Linkedin messages compared to email.

Alfred for Converting


Higher conversions from conversations initiated on Linkedin compared to email.

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Alfred makes your team's outreach more social and authentic. At scale.

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Prospecting done right

People hate cold emails. Warm up your team's approach so they can start building relationships with prospects the right way. Automate and sequence Linkedin profile visits, connect requests, and follow-ups to trigger social lookbacks that help get your sales development reps noticed by potential customers sooner, not later.

Automation you'll love

Alfred was built with your team in mind. Our intuitive drag-and-drop workflow UI makes it easy for sales reps to create social selling campaigns right out of the box, while helping you handle all the boring admin stuff like monitoring and adjusting daily limits, managing lead statuses, removing duplicates, etc.

"Every time we use Alfred we discover new ways to improve our outreach, which at the end of the day it's why we're doing this. We're connecting about 30% of the prospects we engage. So, if I were to send a hundred connect requests, we're striking up conversations with at least 20-30 potential buyers. That's huge!"

Josh Nash     Director of Business Development and Marketing, Factory Four

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