JARVEE vs Meet Alfred: Which LinkedIn Automation Tool is Better?

LinkedIn offers amazing opportunities for prospecting and converting leads if you know how to take advantage of them. But manually sending messages and gathering information can be incredibly time-consuming. This is where LinkedIn automation tools, like Alfred and JARVEE, boost your efficiency. They eliminate the need to complete tasks manually, letting you focus on other priorities.

But which of these tools consists of the best LinkedIn automation software? On one hand, JARVEE stands out because of its automation provisions for a long list of social media platforms in addition to LinkedIn. On the other hand, Alfred also offers automation as well as social media post scheduling to LinkedIn and other platforms. Moreover, Alfred has many more features that specifically cater for LinkedIn; so you can get tools like analytics and a vast library of templates that you won’t find on JARVEE. 

Continue reading below to explore the similarities and differences between the two LinkedIn lead automation tools in detail.

Trusted by 89,022 users from 89 countries
Features Alfred White Logo Jarvee Logo
Free trial 14 Days 7 Days
Price $49 $59
Active Campaign Unlimited 1
Conection Request 500 100
Multi-Channel Campaign Sequences 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Hyper Personalised Messaging 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Linkedin Events, Groups & Post Campaigns 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
InMail Campaign Automation 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true
Email & LinkedIn Account Warmer 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Team Collaboration 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true
Reply Detection & Safety Limits 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Social Media Post Scheduling 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Customisable Templates Library 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Performance Tracking & Analytics 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true
Discounted Sales Navigator Licenses 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false

JARVEE vs. Meet Alfred: A detailed comparison between the two tools  

Whether you choose Alfred or JARVEE, you’ll nonetheless have access to a convenient and effective tool that’ll let you automate LinkedIn outreach campaigns. We’ve already touched on a few features, like multi-platform support, but take a closer look at how they compare. 

JARVEE supports more social media platforms, but Alfred lets you combine campaigns across platforms.

JARVEE’s greatest advantage is that it was specifically designed to support automation for a long list of platforms. The tool can automate campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora, Tumblr, Reddit, and YouTube. 

Whilst that’s an impressive list, Alfred also extends its LinkedIn automation to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, plus more. Though JARVEE has a slightly longer list of platforms, it’s likely that your audience will not be on all of those extra platforms. Besides, even with automated LinkedIn messaging, trying to create campaigns on dozens of channels can spread you too thin. 

More importantly, JARVEE supports all of those platforms but does so in isolation. This means you can only create posts for one platform at a time and you can’t automate between the channels.

Alfred takes a very different approach, letting you automate across channels. You can easily set up a sequence on Alfred that starts with a LinkedIn connection request which is then followed by a personalized LinkedIn message. After this, your sequence can send an email, then a DM on Twitter. Subsequently, it can go back through all these steps as often as you need or want it to. Alfred’s LinkedIn automation tool lets you automate a sequence with unlimited steps across all supported channels to supply true multichannel marketing. This is a feature that is not offered by JARVEE. 

But why does it matter? Multi-channel marketing boosts your response rate by ensuring that your prospect sees at least one of your messages. You also want to increase your touchpoints to reach your prospect on their preferred platform. 

Each tool offers multiple plans, but Alfred offers choices on a larger scale.

At a glance, you can tell that both Alfred and JARVEE offer three plans or tiers for their LinkedIn automation software. 

JARVEE offers a Personal plan, a Regular plan, and a Professional plan. The biggest difference between the plans is how many social accounts you can create. All plans include the automation and social media post scheduler features; so you always have to pay for all features - even if you don’t need all them. 

Alfred’s pricing plans include Personal, Business, and Enterprise plans. These scale up but also add features as you go. As such, you typically will only pay for features that you actually need to use. Alfred’s Enterprise plan is especially noteworthy, since JARVEE doesn’t have a similar offering. The Enterprise plan is designed for larger businesses with greater needs. It includes features such as volume discounts and a dedicated success manager. 

Alfred’s free trial is longer!

As is standard for a LinkedIn message automation tool, you can test out either solution with a free trial. But JARVEE’s free trial is just five days when, while the industry standard is usually seven days minimum. 

Alternatively, Alfred’s free trial is 7 days. This gives you plenty of opportunities to try out all the available LinkedIn automation features, figure out your preference for them, and determine if the platform does what you need it to. With an Alfred free trial, you can be more confident in your investment before you sign up. 

Only Alfred accumulates contact information from LinkedIn.

With JARVEE, you can reach prospects across various social media platforms, but only on those platforms. There are no automated tools to gather viable contact information that you can then use in other ways. The lack of a LinkedIn scraper means that a campaign that starts on LinkedIn has to continue there. This means if a prospect stops using LinkedIn or the platform goes down for a day, you can no longer reach them. 

By contrast, Alfred’s features include a LinkedIn email scraper that makes it easy to collect information from LinkedIn. It is best utilized to gather relevant contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers. This way, you have more than one way to reach out to your prospects. 

Alfred for Connecting


Higher response rates when sending connect requests compared to


Alfred for Messaging


Higher response rates when sending messages compared to


Alfred for Converting


Higher response rates when sending connect requests compared to


Why businesses love Alfred and are switching from JARVEE

Alfred’s features and benefits go beyond its 14-day free trial, the LinkedIn profile scraper, and its ability to create campaigns across channels. Below are some further reasons for why businesses are choosing Alfred as their LinkedIn automation agency. 

Alfred works with all LinkedIn account types.

When you look at tips on LinkedIn profile management, you’ll notice that most experts suggest having a Premium account. Some tools even require you to have a Premium or Sales Navigator account. However, Alfred will work with any LinkedIn account type. 

With Alfred, you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out if it’ll work with your account type. Simply sign up, knowing it will. That being said, we do suggest a Premium or Sales Navigator account because it increases your LinkedIn message limit per day and lets you engage in more outreach.

Alfred can track LinkedIn limits so your account doesn’t get flagged.

One of the tricky things about automating tasks on LinkedIn is making sure that your account doesn’t get flagged. This can be an issue even if you take manual LinkedIn marketing to the extreme. Sending too many connection requests will result in your account being flagged, which’ll put you at risk of being banned, essentially undoing all of the work and effort you’ve put into LinkedIn campaigns. So, for most people, keeping track of limits is just one more thing to worry about; though with Alfred, this concern is taken away. 

The platform tracks all of your LinkedIn daily limits, as well as weekly and monthly limits. This lets you automate without worrying about getting banned because you’ve accidentally gone over the LinkedIn InMail limits or the LinkedIn limit on connections.

If you choose Alfred, you’ll be set up with a conservative daily limit for LinkedIn connections. (And you’ll still have the option to change these limits if you want.) Even if you change our suggested conservative limits, we’ll track your activity to ensure you don’t go past the LinkedIn connection request limits or the restrictions of other activities. 

Alfred’s Greetings feature lets you nurture relationships.

Alfred’s messaging automation goes beyond the sales funnel and the sequences you create. It also includes the Greetings feature which lets you send automated messages to connections at prime moments. So you can send greetings and congratulations on birthdays or for new jobs. Also congratulate prospects on their job anniversary and thank them for endorsements. 

The feature lets you continue to automate LinkedIn connections well after the initial relationship begins. This way, it builds more meaningful relationships and keeps you in the prospect’s mind. 

Alfred integrates with 3,000+ tools & apps, & has a built-in CRM. 

Even with all of the functions that you can perform under Alfred, you’re still likely to use other software, tools, and apps. Integrating those with Alfred is a breeze thanks to a combination of Zapier, webhooks, and native integrations. 

You may not even want to integrate some of your old tools when you see some of Alfred’s ones, such as the built-in CRM system. You can either use the CRM sync or take advantage of the built-in CRM that Alfred offers. Use it to observe the various actions that Alfred has automated on your behalf for each connection or lead. The CRM can help manage phone numbers, Skype IDs, Twitter handles, and emails that you’ve scraped from LinkedIn. Then, all you have to do is export that data into a convenient .csv format that works with your favorite CRM system. 

Alfred offers 24/7 support for all clients.

If you are new to running LinkedIn campaigns or automated LinkedIn lead generation, you’ll likely have some questions as you start using Alfred. This is completely natural and true for any LinkedIn outreach automation software that you’re considering. Where Alfred differs is in its high intuition AND its features that provide excellent support if you can’t figure things out yourself. 

Your journey with Alfred begins with a demo which’ll show you just how easy it is to automate LinkedIn outreach with the software. During the demo, you’ll likely notice how intuitive the platform is. The team at Alfred don’t expect you to just figure out the software based on a demo. So to assist with your understanding of the tool, you can read dozens of LinkedIn help articles or watch numerous videos about using Alfred. 

If you still have a question about using the program even after using those resources, reach out to Alfred’s support team and you’ll get a response within 5 minutes. This is also handy if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to look for the answer. Alfred is one of the very few tools for LinkedIn automation with 24/7 support. Hence, no matter your time zone or working hours, you can get a response quickly. 

Alfred is an innovator, offering automation services since 2014.

Today, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of tools for LinkedIn group management and automation. But this wasn’t the case in 2014 when Alfred was founded. Alfred was one of the earliest tools to let you automate LinkedIn messages, connections, and more. This is important to know for a few reasons. 

First, it proves that Alfred has always been an innovator. Our team found a genuine gap in the market and created a product to fill it. The long history also highlights Alfred’s staying power as a tool for LinkedIn campaign management. To stay ahead of the pack for 8 years, Alfred has had to continue innovating so it can deliver features and services that their competitors don’t.

It should give you peace of mind, knowing that Alfred is committed to improving as it continues to innovate. So, if LinkedIn makes changes to itself, then we will be there to adapt to them and create more automation tools to let you harness new features. 

Meet Alfred Reviews: What clients say about our LinkedIn automation software 

Meet Alfred has 78,299 users spread across 87 countries, including SizeBay, Amazon, Airbus, WeWork, and NextDoor. Here’s what just some of Meet Alfred’s satisfied clients have to say about its LinkedIn tools for business.

Below are some terms used by reviewers on TrustPilot to describe Alfred: 

  • “Amazing” – Aron Sawyers
  • “Awesome” – Pedro Iglesias 
  • “Excellent” – Karim Doukkana 
  • “Efficient and well-thought” – Bogdan Yosava 
  • “Best LinkedIn automation out there” – Tobias 
  • “Easy and friendly” – Gladys 

Allow Meet Alfred to automate your outreach 

Once you start using Alfred, you’re bound to notice a boost in your efficiency. Automate LinkedIn InMail, and other previously-manual tasks to free up time that can be spent on building deeper relationships with leads. Let Alfred handle your leads early on in the sales funnel so you can focus on those that are ready to convert. 

Book a demo with Meet Alfred

Start making the most of the LinkedIn tips you read online about automation to streamline messages, connection requests, and more. Experience Alfred in a demo then sign up for a free trial. Test out Alfred for 7 days with no credit card requirements and zero obligations. We’re confident you will realize that Alfred is the LinkedIn campaign management tool you’ve been missing. 

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