Alfred offers a fair billing policy where you are only billed for the licences you purchase.

The short version

  • Each user must have their own licence. You must not share licences.
  • Each month, you'll be billed based on the licences you have.
  • You can add or remove licences whenever you like.
  • You can assign and re-assign team members to licences however you like.
  • At any time, you can view your current license level from your Billing page.
  • Fair pro-rata billing calculations will be made automatically when you update your licences, and you will be billed immediately to bring your account up to date for the next billing period.

Adding team members

If you'd like to invite a colleague to your account, you can create a new licence for them and invite them to join

If you're paying annually, we'll bill you for the amount of time left on your billing period. For example, if you're paying annually and add a licence halfway through the year, we'll bill you for the 6 months remaining.

Credit card charges

You’ll see the first credit card charge from Alfred on the day you purchase an Alfred plan. Here are some other times you’ll see charges:

On the monthly renewal date if your account is on a monthly payment schedule.

On the annual renewal date if your account is on an annual payment schedule.

Immediately, if you update your licences, change your plan, or your change your billing period, and we need to bring your account up to date.

Paying Annually 

If you're paying annually, we'll invoice you for the full year for a set number of licences.

If you add more licences to your account, we'll invoice you immediately to bring your account up to date.

Deactivating team members

Alfres makes it easy to manage the team members who have access to your database. Once you have deactivated a team member, you will then need to remove their licence if you no longer wish to pay for it. When you remove a licence, we'll add a pro-rata credit to your Alfred account, and it'll be applied when new team members are invited, or on your next renewal date.

This credit has no currency or exchange value, is non-transferable and non-refundable and will expire if you choose to cancel your Beacon subscription.


You can cancel your paid Alfred account at any time. An account canceled at any point in the billing cycle will be charged for all active users in that billing cycle.

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