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Justin Clemente

"Alfred was the missing piece of the Linkedin puzzle. A reliable, comprehensive product with a simple, elegant system, at an affordable monthly price."

Michelle Crowes

"In all honesty, I've already generated leads that converted to more than $18,000 in the first month. Amazing tool for lead generators at any company."

James Harris

"No more cold calling and attending lots of networking events. Alfred generates business leads while I sleep! This is really doing the job for me and I highly recommend it."

"Every time we use Alfred we discover new ways to improve our outreach, which at the end of the day it's why we're doing this. We're connecting about 30% of the prospects we engage. So, if I were to send a hundred connect requests, we're striking up conversations with at least 20-30 potential buyers. That's huge!"

Josh Nash     Director of Business Development and Marketing, Factory Four

Top 3 reasons why Alfred is the best alternative to Dux Soup

Built to increase engagement rates, spark real conversations, drive more sales and do all the work for you.

Fully automated campaigns that helps you focus on outcome and not process

Orchestrate differentiated, sophisticated, multi-channel sales engagements through a single platform and fill your pipeline with A-grade leads.

Built to help individuals and teams accelerate sales beyond human limits

Join hands and accelerate sales and revenue with an easy-to-use tool to reach the right prospects at the right time with the right amount of automation.

Improve engagements with actionable insights to know what works

Alfred’s performance insights and tracking help you optimize campaigns to drive even stronger results. Make every team player a winner and drive more revenue together.

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