Meet Alfred - A Dux-Soup Alternative: Which LinkedIn Automation Software Is Better?

All companies should have a digital marketing strategy, and that includes LinkedIn for most. As with every other aspect of your business, you want to be as efficient with your LinkedIn strategy as possible. A LinkedIn automation tool is the go-to solution for most companies searching for a way to boost their digital marketing efficiency. 

Sales teams and entrepreneurs can also leverage automation tools to expand their business. After all, automation leads to saving time, allowing businesses to focus on more important tasks. 

But deciding to use LinkedIn software is not as simple as it seems. There are dozens of options available, including Dux-Soup and Meet Alfred. But which automation tool is the better of the two?

Trusted by 89,022 users from 89 countries
Features Alfred White Logo Dux Soup Logo
Free trial 7 Days 7 Days
Price $39 $55
Active Campaign Unlimited 1
Conection Request 500 100
Multi-Channel Campaign Sequences 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Hyper Personalised Messaging 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Linkedin Events, Groups & Post Campaigns 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
InMail Campaign Automation 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true
Email & LinkedIn Account Warmer 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Team Collaboration 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true
Reply Detection & Safety Limits 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Social Media Post Scheduling 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Customisable Templates Library 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Performance Tracking & Analytics 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true

Meet Alfred vs Dux-Soup Review: Compare features, pricing and services

Both Dux-Soup and Meet Alfred are among the best LinkedIn automation tools. There are plenty of similarities between the two. But with added features and services, Meet Alfred has the advantage. 

LinkedIn Automation Features

Companies engaging with a LinkedIn bot tend to have similar requirements from automation software. As such, there are many overlaps in the features offered by Meet Alfred and Dux-Soup. Both provide: 

  • Sending connection requests and follow-ups
  • Sending InMail 
  • Importing CSV lists 
  • Exporting to CSVs
  • Lead management
  • Scheduling campaigns 
  • Full access to your LinkedIn account 

However, Meet Alfred provides businesses additional tools that Dux-Soup doesn’t.

Use any LinkedIn account type with Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is compatible with every single LinkedIn account type. By contrast, Dux-Soup is only compatible with four types: standard, LinkedIn Recruiter, Business and Sales Navigator. Clients set up with other types of LinkedIn accounts will need to switch account types to use Dux-Soup. Meanwhile, any account type works with Meet Alfred, creating ease with LinkedIn automation.

Extra Tools with Meet Alfred Linkedin than Dux Soup LinkedIn

Meet Alfred also offers the following features you won’t find from Dux-Soup.

  • Multi-channel campaign sequences
  • LinkedIn scraper
  • LinkedIn group, post, and event campaigns 
  • Team collaboration
  • Safety limits and reply detection
  • Hyper-personalized messaging 
  • Twitter campaigns
  • Built-in inbox
  • Automated social media posts 

Meet Alfred Software Integration

Another aspect where Meet Alfred eclipses Dux-Soup is integration. Meet Alfred has more than 3,000 integrations for apps and tools, including Zapier, Hyperise, Webhooks and GSuite. This level of integration is crucial; the best LinkedIn tools will work with other systems you already use. 

With Meet Alfred, you don’t have to waste time trying to create workarounds.

LinkedIn Automation Software Plans & Pricing

Dux-Soup and Meet Alfred both have two main pricing plans: clients can choose from two levels of plans, making it easier to only pay for the features needed without upgrading.

Dux-Soup also offers a free Starter Dux plan. However, this plan offers limited features, and due to its narrow scope, won’t be suitable for many businesses wishing to automate LinkedIn outreach. 

In contrast, with Meet Alfred, users can start with the Personal Plan for $29 per month, while the Business Plan costs only $59 per month. Additional users for the Business Plan are just $39 per month each, adding even more value to Meet Alfred. 

On top of that, a 7-day free trial gives businesses the chance to confirm Meet Alfred is the best LinkedIn software platform for their needs. The free trial gives full access to numerous features, including the capability to set up automatic greetings for connections on their job anniversary, birthday, or when they get a new job. Meet Alfred also automates replies, tracks responses from leads, and runs up to three campaigns at once. Plus, users gain access to the entire template library. All these features are available during the free trial. 

To add to the value, Meet Alfred offers a 33% discount on annual subscriptions, equalling four months of service for free. 

Alfred for Connecting


Higher response rates when sending connect requests compared to

Dux Soup

Alfred for Messaging


Higher response rates when sending messages compared to

Dux Soup

Alfred for Converting


Higher response rates when sending connect requests compared to

Dux Soup

Why do businesses switch to Meet Alfred?

Meet Alfred is more than just one of Dux-Soup’s competitors. It is an excellent LinkedIn automation tool in its own right. Explore some of the reasons clients choose Meet Alfred when it comes time to automate their LinkedIn strategy. 

Multi-channel marketing: reach clients across multiple social channels in a single program

Meet Alfred is one of the rare programs that allows clients to do more than just engage in social selling on LinkedIn. Our automation tools cater for multi-channel marketing, allowing businesses to extend their reach beyond the parameters of LinkedIn. Users can follow up messages with DMs on Twitter or via email, greatly improving opportunities for lead generation. This versatility lets you connect with your prospects wherever they are - and the result is the ability to increase replies by 1000%. 

Seamless LinkedIn message personalization

Sending a bulk message on LinkedIn is convenient and efficient, but it sometimes lacks personalization. To solve this, Meet Alfred automatically sends customized messages based on location, industry, or job title., using a combination of personalization snippets and our templates library

You can supplement these customizable elements with your own personalization values by importing a CSV file containing leads. Meet Alfred automatically captures the additional columns, giving you even more customization options.

Built-in CRM system 

Meet Alfred has more than 3,000 tool and app integrations via a combination of Zapier, webhooks, and direct integrations. These integrations make it easy to use your current CRM system. Alternatively, clients can also use the built-in system specifically designed for LinkedIn lead generation services. 

The LinkedIn CRM system built into Meet Alfred makes it easy to organize and manage business contacts, using filters, notes, and tags. View every action applied to each connection or lead, or even exclude prospects from campaigns. 

Meet Alfred’s CRM lets you manage contact details on a single page, including phone numbers, Twitter handles, Skype IDs, and email addresses. Need that data somewhere else? Easily export it in a CSV format. 

Meet Alfred is simple to set up and use

Whether you are getting started with Meet Alfred or already established with it, you will find the software easy to use. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, and there are numerous videos to guide you through getting started. On top of that, you will find an entire library of help articles on everything from how to build LinkedIn campaigns to scheduling and publishing social media content. 

If our helpful videos or guides can’t answer your question, Meet Alfred’s 24/7 customer support team is here to assist you. 

Serving clients since 2014 

Meet Alfred has been providing auto connect LinkedIn services since 2014 - longer than many of the other Dux-Soup competitors. During this time, Meet Alfred has proven its ability to adapt to industry change while consistently providing best-in-class services for clients. 

Meet Alfred Reviews: What clients say about our LinkedIn automation software 

Meet Alfred has 78,299 users spread across 87 countries, including SizeBay, Amazon, Airbus, WeWork, and NextDoor. Here’s what just some of Meet Alfred’s satisfied clients have to say about its LinkedIn tools for business.

Meet Alfred Is Great at Automating 

In the words of Mathew Harris, the regional development manager of We Work, Meet Alfred does an excellent job at automating. He says, “It really helps to generate new leads and automate the first steps in engaging prospects.” 
Bertrand Delan, the director of sales at Sizebay, also praises Meet Alfred’s automation. He specifically highlights how his company uses to put “outbound effort[s] on auto-pilot.” 

Meet Alfred Saves Time 

Many happy Meet Alfred clients agree that it saves time. Susan Bialas, a marketing executive at Airbus, says, “Meet Alfred has helped me save a huge amount of time.” 
Michael Crowes, the director of business development at Randstad, agrees. He estimates that Meet Alfred saves his company 20 hours or more every single week. 

Meet Alfred Is Straightforward to Use

Grace Zogjani, the European sales manager for NextDoor, praises Meet Alfred for its ease of use. She describes the process of using the software as “a simple LinkedIn search, set the steps, and wait for the magic.” 

You can find even more testimonials here

Boost Efficiency and Productivity with Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred will boost your team’s efficiency and productivity. Clients can onboard multiple team members with ease, assign responsibilities and roles, and view individual campaign performance. Everything is done via a single panel, making it simple and efficient to collaborate and track active tasks. As an account admin, users can even impersonate other accounts to create or manage campaigns on behalf of clients or members. This can be especially helpful for delegating tasks and keeping campaigns on track. 

On average, Meet Alfred helps save over 10 hours per week. With this improved efficiency, you and your team will have more time for other tasks. 

Book a Meet Alfred Demo Today

You don’t have to keep hunting for the best LinkedIn software. And you don’t have to take our word for it when it comes to all of the amazing features of Meet Alfred. Book a demo to see the platform for yourself and see why so many companies are making the switch. After the demo, experience Meet Alfred yourself with a 7-day free trial; no credit card details are required. 

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