ProspectIn vs Meet Alfred: Which LinkedIn Automation Tool is Better?

When looking for the best LinkedIn automation tool, you want an option loaded with features and has competitive pricing

ProspectIn is a popular choice, but Meet Alfred leads among the preferred ProspectIn alternatives. Both tools offer the basic features needed for LinkedIn social selling automation. Users can visit or follow LinkedIn profiles, send LinkedIn automatic connection requests, and send bulk messages with some level of personalization. 

However, beyond the fundamentals, there are many differences between the two LinkedIn automation tools. Let’s delve further into our comparison of ProspectIn and Meet Alfred to see how the two LinkedIn tools stack up.

Trusted by 89,022 users from 89 countries
Features Alfred White Logo Prospectin Logo
Free trial 7 Days 7 Days
Price $39 $49.99
Active Campaign Unlimited 1
Conection Request 500 100
Multi-Channel Campaign Sequences 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Hyper Personalised Messaging 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Linkedin Events, Groups & Post Campaigns 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
InMail Campaign Automation 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true
Email & LinkedIn Account Warmer 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Team Collaboration 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true
Reply Detection & Safety Limits 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Social Media Post Scheduling 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Customisable Templates Library 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e14da949f4196b4a145f_false
Performance Tracking & Analytics 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true 61e4e152931ba54b7a4e73b7_true

Meet Alfred vs ProspectIn Review: Compare pricing, features and services.


Pricing and plan availability is one of the most important considerations when evaluating LinkedIn automation software. Both ProspectIn and Meet Alfred have multiple plans to choose from at different costs; both tools provide options for individuals all the way up to enterprise businesses. 

ProspectIn has a total of three plans: Pro, Advanced and Enterprise. Additionally, ProspectIn offers a standard plan for free - however, users are capped at 15 actions per day and cannot import contacts or export emails. Similarly, Meet Alfred also has three plan options: Personal, Business and Enterprise.

The most affordable plans for each are comparable in price and offer similar features. The Meet Alfred Personal plan, at $29/month, has a few more features than the equivalent ProspectIn Pro plan, at €24.99/month (approximately $27/month), but overall, both are similar for entry level LinkedIn automation tools.

However, there are major differences between the mid and top-tier plans for each LinkedIn automation tool. 

Meet Alfred’s mid-tier offering - the Business plan (priced at $59/month) - is actually more comparable to ProspectIn’s Enterprise plan (costing €149.99/month - approximately $164/month) for the range of features offered. And although ProspectIn’s tiered plan structure offers more options for users, the Advanced plan falls short compared to Meet Alfred’s mid-tier counterpart.

As for the top-tier offering, Meet Alfred’s Enterprise plan is unchallenged by ProspectIn, giving users access to features such as a private training, dedicated support and volume discounts for additional users.


Simply put, Meet Alfred has more features at lower price points than ProspectIn. The following are just some of the features offered by Meet Alfred but not by ProspectIn: 

Support for multiple channels

Most LinkedIn automation tools only have features for LinkedIn, despite very few businesses only using LinkedIn. A well-rounded digital marketing strategy across varying social channels is essential to success, and Meet Alfred offers more than just LinkedIn automation. Users also get automation on Twitter, email, and more. 

Meet Alfred doesn’t only just support multiple channels. Users can create campaigns that go across multiple platforms. For example, send a LinkedIn auto connect request and follow it up with an email or Twitter direct message. 

Another feature included is social media post scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in addition to LinkedIn. What may seem like a simple feature, is rare among LinkedIn social selling platforms - and Meet Alfred customers get the benefit of planning all social media posting campaigns in one simple interface.

When sending a private message on LinkedIn with communication on other platforms, it’s important to be careful not to overwhelm or annoy connections. Meet Alfred also includes response detection, stopping follow-ups and preventing sending too many messages. 

Demos, resources and customer support

Before choosing a LinkedIn tool for lead generation automation, it’s valuable to get a feel for how the software feels, with either a demo or free trial. This is something Meet Alfred offers which ProspectIn doesn’t.

Before signing up to a plan, Meet Alfred customers can immerse themselves in a product demonstration. This feature allows users to evaluate the interface and tool capabilities first hand. Alternatively, ProspectIn only offers pre-recorded videos to showcase its product.

Meet Alfred users also have access to an extensive library of help articles, videos and LinkedIn guides. In the rare instance a question can’t be answered by the resource library, Meet Alfred also has excellent 24/7 customer support with a five-minute maximum response time - if you can’t find a solution or prefer direct help, you can easily reach a live support agent. 

Alfred for Connecting


Higher response rates when sending connect requests compared to


Alfred for Messaging


Higher response rates when sending messages compared to


Alfred for Converting


Higher response rates when sending connect requests compared to


Why do businesses choose Meet Alfred over ProspectIn?

Meet Alfred is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools, with numerous advantages including:

  • Excellent value
  • Choice of plans to fit your company’s needs
  • An extensive list of features
  • A useful selection of help articles
  • A highly intuitive design 
  • Easy-to-schedule demos 

In addition to these benefits, there are plenty of other reasons companies switch to Meet Alfred from ProspectIn or other ProspectIn competitors. 

Meet Alfred works with all LinkedIn account types

The best LinkedIn automation tools are compatible with every type of LinkedIn account, but is not always the case. However, customers can be reassured that no matter which LinkedIn account type they use, Meet Alfred will be compatible and ready to use.

Send hyper-personalized messages

In addition to letting users automate LinkedIn direct messages, Meet Alfred allows personalization with different values, such as first name, last name, industry, and company. Users can include hyperlinks and attachments and even create custom tags. And to keep track of important connection details, there is also the ability to collect notes during interactions. 

Meet Alfred users get access to a library of customizable message templates, making outreach campaigns a breeze.

Straightforward integration with tools and apps

When it comes using LinkedIn automation tools, it’s rare for businesses to solely rely on one third party application. There are countless apps that require integration. With Meet Alfred, this process is straightforward, integrating with more than 3,000 tools and apps. These integrations are via a combination of webhooks, Zapier, and native integration. 

Delivering LinkedIn automation since 2014

When searching for a LinkedIn ProspectIn alternative, it’s smart to look for a tool with experience. Meet Alfred has plenty of that, with nearly a decade of serving clients. 

Users can trust Meet Alfred to be one of the best LinkedIn tools. The development team constantly improves the app, incorporating feature requests from users. This commitment highlights Meet Alfred’s status as an industry innovator. 

Meet Alfred Reviews: What clients say about our LinkedIn automation software 

Meet Alfred has 78,299 users spread across 87 countries, including SizeBay, Amazon, Airbus, WeWork, and NextDoor. Here’s what just some of Meet Alfred’s satisfied clients have to say about its LinkedIn tools for business.

Lucas Cinelli posted that he’s “tested several LinkedIn automation tools and is the best at its price point". 
Pavithra Kumar called it a “game changer for outreach and automation". He also disclosed that he saves tons of time with Meet Alfred. 
Lauren van Es not only called Meet Alfred “by far the best” but also said that its customer support is very good.

Book a Meet Alfred Demo and Boost Your Productivity

With Meet Alfred, your team can work more efficiently, increase productivity and focus on other tasks. Before making the switch to Meet Alfred, the only thing left to do is to book a demo. Our team will walk you through the features and answer your questions before helping you choose the ideal plan for your company. 

After the demo, get started with a free trial. You can experience Meet Alfred for 7 days obligation-free, without even entering your credit card information.

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