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Alfred helps B2B companies send multiple, personalised messages
on Linkedin, Email, Twitter and more, completely on autopilot.

Set up a campaign in minutes, see results in 12-48 hrs. 

73,185 registered users from 87 countries trust Alfred.


Michelle Burnett

"Exactly what I have been waiting for! Easy to use, great interface, and a time saver sent from above. Support team responds fast and super helpful"


Michelle Crowes

"In all honesty, I've already found new customers that generated more than $18,000 in revenues in the first month."


James Harris

"No more cold calling and attending lots of useless networking events. Alfred  is really doing the job for me and I highly recommend it."

Go from Prospect to Customer in 3 Easy Steps

1. Find your ideal customer fast

Built-in LinkedIn search, integrations with other  tools, easy imports, LinkedIn groups and events. Alfred has everything for you to source and discover the best connections to build more pipeline.

multiple campaign

2. Create campaign sequences

Engage your prospects with profile views, endorsements, connection requests, Linkedin messages, InMails, Emails as well as Twitter DMs. Tailor your sequences based on how they respond, and make each action look natural and genuine with personalisation snippets.

3. Optimize for better results

Alfred's performance insights help you optimize your multi-channel campaigns to drive even stronger results. Make every team player a winner and drive more revenue together.