Welcome to Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred’s mission is to provide businesses a robust marketing tool that simplifies and helps scale sales prospecting, outreach, and automation campaigns. We believe that efficient and effective CRM doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming, saving teams up to 3–4 man-hours a day and helping them identify and maintain new lead opportunities.

Our Story

Meet Alfred was found out of necessity in 2016 when Martin Martinez was primarily running a consulting firm. While mentoring and supporting clients to help grow their companies, Martin identified that his outreach via LinkedIn was generating leads and prospects exceptionally well given LinkedIn’s uniqueness as a B2B social media platform. Martin had honed in his entire methodology and process, and saw continued success with his strategy to the point of having 17 different consultants doing manual outreach, but there were challenges to overcome.

In searching for tooling to help scale the consulting firm’s operations, it soon became clear that there wasn’t anything sufficient available on the market for their specific needs: it had to be accessible, with little to no learning curve, and easy to operate on a regular basis for non-technical users.

With these properties in mind, Martin decided to set out and have his own tool developed for his consulting firm—Alfred was born, and it allowed Martin and the other consultants to focus on more efficient uses of their time and resources instead of hiring new people!

Mission and Values

At Meet Alfred, we understand that not everybody can afford to have large teams, especially with small to medium-sized businesses, where every dollar counts. Hiring people is not always an option, and one of our goals has been to get the best out of our marketing team and ourselves as business owners.

Automation is a way to mitigate the disadvantages and pitfalls associated with manual processing, and Meet Alfred sets out to implement and help any business grow their CRM capacity and capabilities.

It’s a powerful tool, and we encourage companies to use it responsibly by marrying the best of both worlds for the best possible results—prospecting fundamentals such as understanding your target market, how to present yourself, and communicating with your given industry beyond text, supplemented by automation itself—highly targeted, scalable outreach processes to ultimately build quality relationships and better long-term results respectively.