Automate Manual Tasks at Scale

Boost your productivity and achieve faster results with our LinkedIn and digital outreach automation software.

Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to a more efficient way of expanding your B2B network.

Seamless LinkedIn Campaigns

With a wide array of automation features at your disposal, you can streamline your efforts whilst generating more high-quality leads than ever.

Lead Generation

Unleash the power of our automated campaigns and tap into a network of up to 1,000 high-quality leads.


Build campaign sequences in Meet Alfred effortlessly. Add unlimited steps, from profile views to connection requests, follow-up messages, multi-message sequences, InMails, emails and more.

Campaign Overview

Get a comprehensive overview of your campaign's performance across multiple accounts that you manage with our powerful analytics tooling.

Targeted Email Outreach

Effortlessly connect with your target audience via email as part of your campaign sequences.

Reach Your Target Audience through Gmail

Craft compelling, automated multi-sequence email campaigns effortlessly through Gmail or G-suite.

Convenient Outlook Integration

Leverage 400 emails a day on Business and Agency plans with your existing Outlook accounts.

Build & Track Campaign Performance

Easily build and track email campaign performance on one slick interface.

Twitter Engagement

Capture and solidify your share of the over 330 million active users on Twitter with Meet Alfred’s consistent brand messaging and outreach.

1st Degree Engagement

Maintain brand awareness with an active Twitter presence and help grow your wider network.

High-Volume Twitter Outreach

Meet Alfred’s personalization options and 1000 daily message allowance allows for meaningful conversations to be scaled.

Automated Connections

Enrich your existing brand community, or start one easily from scratch, and generate leads with ease through automated connections and interactions.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Boost reach, engagement and conversions by being present on maximum channels. Let your customers choose how to engage, and automate engagement every step of the way.

Customer Trust

By automating your campaign, you ensure that customers encounter a consistent brand message and perfectly timed and tailored messages.

Better Customer Data

Take advantage of effortless multi-channel integration with your campaigns. More channels, more data—and with that, a wider variety of leads and customers.

See Your ROI Faster with Alfred

Free up resources and increase the number of new customers. Meet Alfred can help manage all of your outreach channels, not just LinkedIn.

InMail Messaging

Meet Alfred leverages the benefits of your LinkedIn Premium through smart automation — reach more new prospects, and put your best foot forward to increase your network reach even further.

New Prospects

Deepen your prospecting pool by connecting with previously inaccessible, hard-to-reach candidates en masse.

Cold InMail Success

Stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise of competitors by enlisting Meet Alfred’s range of automation features to bolster your campaign.

InMail Credit Management

Consume InMail credit with razor-sharp precision: gain insight into your best-performing campaigns to change bearing as required.

Advanced LinkedIn Engagement

Tap every last corner of LinkedIn with Live, Events, and Posts—engage in an automated manner with all-new connections regardless of the number of degrees between you.

Positioning in Groups

Automate up to 50 messages to LinkedIn group members per day using your Sales Navigator membership no matter your connection with them.

Personalized Greetings

Touch base with your prospects by being with them every step of the way—automatically, of course. Meet Alfred makes it easy to stay connected and thoughtful.

Auto-Messages for Important Days

Keep leads warm and engaged with automatic messages, timed perfectly for dates of significance for your contacts.

Congratulate new Roles

Remain relevant as formative career developments occur with your contacts and show recognition for effort and commitment and be part of their success.

Acknowledging Endorsements

Recognize the contacts who help drive your growth and enable conversations. Reward partnerships and loyal customers automatically and see where the relationship takes you.

The Leading LinkedIn Automation Software

With our powerful campaign and LinkedIn automation software, you can effortlessly reach and enage your desired audience across multiple digital channels. Our platform simplifies the process of connecting with potential clients and building meaningful relationships, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

Sign up for a free trial with Meet Alfred today and experience the difference in your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

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