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LinkedIn InMail Automation saves you time and effectively engages with your leads. Increase your revenue from InMail outreach efforts with Meet Alfred.

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InMail Automation: Automate Your LinkedIn Outreach

Automation with Alfred makes it easy to improve your connectivity with LinkedIn prospects in a meaningful way. 

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is a great platform for engaging with new prospects and existing connections. And now your business can connect with interested prospects on autopilot.

Benefits of Automated LinkedIn Messaging With Alfred

With Alfred, you can automate your LinkedIn InMail to connect with new prospects and keep your existing connections up-to-date – all while maintaining a personal presence and sending your leads exclusive offers.

Stop Mass Messaging and Focus on Personalizing LinkedIn Messages

Make your 200 characters count. It's known that personalized InMails perform about 20% better than ones that are written or sent en masse. LinkedIn says so themselves! With Alfred, you can choose to use different personalization tags to create eye-catching yet professional automated LinkedIn InMail messages and subject lines. You can even improve your cold outreach and follow-up messages with attention-grabbing requests.

Keep Your Brand and Tone Consistent

Don’t waste time creating new templates for each LinkedIn InMail automation. Alfred allows you to create and store templates you can repurpose for different uses and audiences. This helps your team be more efficient while making it easier to keep your brand consistent. Don’t know where to start? Get inspired by a library of tried-and-tested LinkedIn InMail templates.

Simulate Human Behavior to Make Connections

Alfred is equipped with features that help mimic human behavior, like adhering to your working hours and preventing auto-reply loops. Work smarter, not harder when it comes to creating genuine connections through LinkedIn InMail automation.

Avoid Flagging and Account Restrictions

Alfred gives you peace of mind that your account won’t be flagged by LinkedIn for automated activity or too many pending connection invites. Algorithms detect what type of LinkedIn membership you have (e.g., a premium account) to manage activity.


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Leverage LinkedIn InMail Automation To Boost Your Response Rates

Harness the full potential of your LinkedIn prospecting and include InMails in campaign sequences to help increase your chances of generating more responses.

The well-timed, personalized and natural LinkedIn and email automation Alfred provides makes your messages stand out against the rest.

Let LinkedIn InMail Automation improve your outreach campaigns while you focus on other essential business operations.


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LinkedIn InMail Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkedIn InMail?

InMail is a premium messaging feature that allows you to directly message another LinkedIn member who you’re not connected with.

Why Should Businesses Use LinkedIn InMail?

InMail messages are great for outreach and lead generation efforts or finding job candidates. You can connect with more people without having them be a LinkedIn connection.

Why Should You Utilize LinkedIn Automation Tools?

Reaching out to individuals and sending connection requests manually takes time. Automation allows you to send a larger number of InMails while still keeping things personal. And you have more time in your day to work on other things.

How many InMails can I send on Linkedin?

There is no limit on the number of InMail messages you can send to people you're not connected to, but you will need to use InMail credits to do so, these credits are limited to your LinkedIn subscription plan. Meet Alfred’s InMail automation targets Open-link profiles. So even when your monthly credits are maxed, your outreach can continue through the power of automation. Depending on your subscription you can send up to 30 Automated InMails a day, which equates to 800 messages per month.

Scale your outreach without limits with Meet Alfred. Start a free trial today and test it for yourself.

What is the difference between LinkedIn InMail vs Message?

InMail can be sent to anyone on LinkedIn, regardless of whether or not you are connected to them. Messages can only be sent to people you are connected to. InMail is also a paid feature, and you are given a certain number of credits each month. Messages are free, and you can send as many as you want.

What is the InMail message limit?

The LinkedIn InMail character limit for connection requests is 200 characters for the subject line and 1,900 characters for the body. This means that you have a total of 2,100 characters to introduce yourself and explain why you want to connect with the person.


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