Multi-Channel Campaign Sequences

Build a completely automated outreach workflow using multiple LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter actions, select time delays, Include smart filters, and Increase lead generation with Alfred.

9 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads

Import your leads using CSV, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator lead lists or saved search pages, LinkedIn posts, LinkedIn group members or events and much more!

Increase Replies by 3x with Multichannel Prospecting

Build customized prospecting sequences and add a combination of actions between LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter. With Alfred, you can view profiles, endorse a few skills to warm up your prospects, automatically connect with your target audience, trigger “thank you” messages, and continue to build relationships by sending follow-ups.

Measure Outreach Success with Data-Analytics

Evaluate your campaign performance, edit the details of your sequence, add more leads at any time and make improvements as you go based on Alfred’s detailed analytics

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