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Build a completely automated outreach workflow using multiple channels including LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter. Change actions, select time delays, include smart filters, and increase lead generation with Alfred.

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Benefits of LinkedIn Campaign Management

With Alfred, it’s never been easier to run a multi-channel marketing campaign across multiple platforms, where you can reach customers on the channel of their choice.  Whether that’s on a single channel like LinkedIn, through Email, or Twitter, fine-tuned targeting is bound to improve your chances of making a positive connection and nurturing a relationship.

Multi-channel marketing automation empowers your team to run effective campaigns while focusing on what matters the most - connecting with qualified leads. Let Alfred do the hard work for you as your very own automated campaign manager for LinkedIn and more.

9 Effective Ways to Generate Qualified Leads

The purpose of multi-channel marketing is to generate leads and nurture them throughout the customer journey. If you want to be effective, you have to focus on not just any leads, but rather identify qualified leads who are the most likely to become long-term customers.

When you run a campaign on LinkedIn, Alfred allows you to import your leads using CSV, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator lead lists, or saved search pages, LinkedIn posts, LinkedIn group members or events, and much more!

Utilizing multiple marketing channels immediately expands your network of qualified leads. Even within LinkedIn, there are many ways to begin fostering connections, whether that’s engaging with people attending events or using profile details to pinpoint your perfect audience. The wealth of information on the professional networking site can be used to your business’s advantage.

Increase Replies by 3x with Multi-Channel Prospecting

Build customized prospecting sequences and add a combination of actions between LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter. With Alfred, you can view profiles, endorse a few skills to warm up your prospects, automatically connect with your target audience, trigger “thank you” messages, and continue to build relationships by sending follow-ups as part of your marketing efforts.

Unlike your average automated LinkedIn campaign, Alfred makes these interactions natural and personal. Not only does this help prevent your account from becoming flagged, but, more importantly, it improves your outreach efforts and the entire customer experience.

Measure Outreach Success with Data and Analytics

Evaluate your campaign performance, edit the details of your sequence, add more leads at any time and make improvements as you go based on Alfred’s detailed analytics and attribution models.

LinkedIn campaign management isn’t complete without evaluating the performance. With these results, you can make changes in real-time to improve your campaign and additional outreach tactics across the board.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales outreach?

Sales outreach means rekindling with the potential consumers with whom you have lost the connection over a certain period of time, but are having the strength to become operational. Sales outreach is nothing but creating some strong connections, reconnecting with the previous links, and engaging with them over your product or service.

How does automation help generate qualified leads?

Automating lead production can happen in many different ways. From email campaigns and chatbots to SEO landing pages and LinkedIn messaging, automation can help your business connect with potential customers efficiently and effectively.

How does email marketing fit into a campaign?

Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to prospective clients. Of course, not just any generic marketing message will do. Email marketing is no longer a simple advertising method; it has become a source of information for your customers. Promotional emails are not the things that customers want today, rather they want information about various products and services.


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