LinkedIn Account Management and Team Collaboration

Maximize your sales and marketing team’s productivity and efficiency, and manage multiple LinkedIn accounts with Alfred.

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Why Consider LinkedIn Account Management with Alfred

Are you looking to optimize your lead generation management? Maximize your sales, or your marketing team's productivity and efficiency, in just a few clicks with LinkedIn account manager access from Alfred. Add multiple accounts and track their stats to make the most of your marketing efforts. 

LinkedIn is a valuable outlet that is designed specifically for networking and outreach, both of which are essential for your business growth. When you utilize LinkedIn account management services provided by Alfred, you gain email campaign management tools and much more.

Manage Multiple Accounts on LinkedIn

Send invitations to your colleagues or create multiple Alfred accounts quickly and easily. You can also track and share information on members’ performance

Use Alfred's Teams Admin Panel to Streamline Management Tasks

Assign permissions to your specific team members based on their roles from owner, admin, or manager. With more group members on the admin panel, you can ensure constant contact with prospects along the customer journey.

Ability to Impersonate Users for Admins

With your Alfred admin panel, members can:

LinkedIn profile management access enables you to oversee your team members while they automate emails, refresh contact lists, perfect lead nurturing, and drive customers through your sales funnel.

Effectively Measure Team Performance

Analyze your team members' management of the various campaigns they’ve created with Alfred’s detailed analytics. Evaluate their performance with hard statistics like critical metrics and conversion rates.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alfred manage multiple LinkedIn accounts?

Yes! Alfred allows you to invite multiple members of your team to centrally manage subscriptions at the same time.

Does Alfred work on a LinkedIn account without connections?

Currently, Alfred LinkedIn campaign analytics will not work if you don’t have any connections. To get started, you have to make at least a single connection on your profile.

Why Should You Utilize LinkedIn Automation Tools?

Reaching out to individuals and sending connection requests manually takes time. Automation allows you to send a larger number of InMails while still keeping things personal. And you have more time in your day to work on other things.


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