4 key components of Sales Funnel that you need to remember

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August 21, 2021
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Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel is a technique that is being used by businesses in every industry. If you are thinking that you have tried everything possible to lead conversions on your site. But the most important point that you might have missed is reassessing your sales funnel stages. So today we are being you the essential components of a sales funnel.

The 4 Key Components of Sales Funnel that you need to Remember:

  1. Generation of Traffic: The initial phase of your sales funnel should focus on attracting the possible buyers. This is the stage where you should start to increase awareness about your organisation and your product so you can eventually end up increasing sales. It’s about developing the commerce that you need for keeping on the conversions.
  • Content Marketing: There are many ways in content marketing but one of the most popular ways is to create a blog and then you can start sharing articles or content about your website.  This helps to build interest among the consumers and once you have started sharing content then your leads will eventually increase.
  • SEO: The other way in which you can start generating traffic is with the help of organic search. With the help of SEO (search engine optimization), any business can improve its site's visibility. The main aim of the business should be to create enough content so that with Google search results your websites come up while conducting appropriate searches.

Once you have optimized your website paper with the essential keywords that are important to your business then the process will become more smooth. Even with the help of quality backlinks or collaborating with YouTube influencers, it all will help to improve your domain searches and increase your search ranking results.

  1. Conversion of Leads: This is the only place where you can start to indicate the value of your products to the potential consumers. You have to make your consumers aware of the advantages and the benefits that they can receive by using your product or services. Generating leads is the most important part of every business so using these techniques will help you to generate even more leads. We know that the final goal is to persuade them to put up with the desired activity. It may be using your products or services, increasing the number of views on your website or them ending up as future customers of yours.
  • Landing Pages: With the help of landing pages you can inform you'd consumers about the ranges of your products and services. The most essential part of a landing page that you should keep in mind while making one is that it should have a Catchy Headline, it should include the point benefits for its consumers and the CTAs call to action.
  1. Nurturing Leads: This Lead nurturing implies facilitating your consumers with a healthy relationship. You have to persuade your leads in such a way so that they become long-lasting consumers for your business. Keeping regular engagement with your consumers regarding the posting of content on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram etc helps to keep the consumers active and focused on your business. Thus it’s an important part of the sales funnel if you are thinking of increasing the conversion rates for your business.
  • Acknowledgement Page: Creating a thank-you page, which will show up after audiences have successfully visited your site. Here you can also try to promote your different products if you think the consumers might be willing to check. If they like your blogs they will end up subscribing to them. The main aim is to make a good final opinion about your company. 
  1. Creating Loyalty:  Nowadays,   businesses usually concentrate on lead generation, turning leads into conversions, and increasing sales. Businesses have started to do everything it takes to get a sale comprising cross-selling and lead generating activities. But, in all this hurry to sell the product, you should remember the most important thing without which a business cannot run or grow – your customers.

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