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February 5, 2021
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LinkedIn Sales Enablement is providing useful resources to your sales and marketing team which can help them a lot in succeeding their competitors.

In the recent year the culture of sales enablement has shown a significant growth of the organization and company using it.

 Today, companies and organizations are trying to implement the sales enablement work culture and that’s the reason why the firms are having their own sales enablement program and dedicates a separate LinkedIn Sales enablement managers to it.

 This has provided the opportunity to many new faces and leaders to join the profession and settle a mutual benefit with the company. LinkedIn Sales enablement managers are responsible for providing useful resources to the team and manage them.

 Correct strategy and communication skills including asking questions, clearing doubts, exchanging ideas, exploring challenges are the key skill of LinkedIn Sales Enablement Manager.

 Most of the LinkedIn Sales enablement practitioners use LinkedIn groups for increasing their network and connecting with a large audience. LinkedIn groups are simple groups on LinkedIn which provide a facility and space to the professionals of the same industry who are like minded and are interested in sharing content, posts, problems and their solutions.

 LinkedIn Sales enablement managers always prefer to join LinkedIn groups related to sales enablement. There are different benefits by joining the groups including new ideas with the shared content, solution to the simple and beginner problems, and self-growth, etc.

 So let’s check out the details of the best LinkedIn Groups for LinkedIn Sales Enablement Managers and find out characteristics.


 Sales Management Association

Bob Kelly who is the Chairman of the Sales Management Association is the owner of this LinkedIn group. This Sales Management Association Linked group has 43,521members.

This LinkedIn group may not be specifically focused on sales enablement practices yet it shares the information related to it. This group covers many of the sales enablement relevant topics.

This LinkedIn group also works to enhance professional development, increasing thenumber of connections, following best practices and research. The group follows a kind of leadership approach and helps all levels of professional’s supportand manage sales enablement.

For joining this Sales Management Association LinkedIn group, CLICKHERE.


Sales Enablement Content

Eric Nitschke who is the Director of the Sales Enablement and Product Marketing is the owner of the LinkedIn Sales Enablement Content groups. This Sales Enablement Content group has 4357 members in it.

This Sales Enablement Content group focuses on the creation of useful and meaningful content that is widely used and distributed for the sales enablement functions.

Sharing content and ideas is the main characteristic of this LinkedIn group. Some topics may not be discussed or entertained and that’s the reason why less number of the people have joined this LinkedIn group.

For joining this Sales Enablement Content LinkedIn group, CLICKHERE.


Better Training Outcomes Forum

Eric Blumthal CEO of count5 is the owner of this Better Training Outcomes Forum LinkedIn group. This LinkedIn group has 25,136 members in it.

This Linked group is one of the largest and active sales enablement groups providing an excellent environment for training and sales enablement practices. This group shares information relevant to the sales and marketing along with the customer services.

This LinkedIn Groups has a set of rules to enhance decent communication and idea sharing, Some Links of the blogs, articles and promotions are not allowed when starting conversations.

For joining this Better Training Outcomes Forum LinkedIn group, CLICK HERE.


Sales Enablement Thought Leadership Exchange

Brian Lambert who is a Senior Director of Enablement and Readiness is the owner of this LinkedIn Group. This LinkedIn group has 11,043 members in it.

 It's an Independent LinkedIn group focused more on content sharing, discussions and debate. This group started with an idea of excellence of sales operation, team management and marketing. Joining this group can enhance your sales and marketing experience.

For joining this Sales Enablement Thought Leadership LinkedIn group, CLICK HERE.


ATD Sales Enablement Community

Jenna Cronin who is Senior Content Manager at ATD is the owner of this ATD Sales Enablement Community LinkedIn group. This LinkedIn group has over 14,000 members.

ATD Stands for the Association for Talent Development and is dedicated to supports the professionals for training and overall development of the company.

They have included the Sales enablement in their view and also hosted a sales enablement focused event last year. They regularly post content and build leadership on sales enablement communities.

For joining this ATD Sales Enablement Community LinkedIn group, CLICKHERE.

Sales Enablement Society

Walter Pollard, Member of the Board of Advisors at Sales Enablement Society is the owner of this LinkedIn group. This LinkedIn group has 3266 members in it.

This group was founded in 2016 and is known as a nonprofit volunteer organization. Group sole focus is to enhance the role of the sales enablement in any of the company or organization in any part of the world through decent communication, engagement and research.

There are several other smaller groups and societies for particular cities or countries. They also support a community website to provide access to the members to share their expertise.

For joining this Sales Enablement Society LinkedIn group, CLICKHERE.

So these were some of the best LinkedIn groups for LinkedIn Sales enablement managers to join. These will definitely provide good peers, knowledge, contents, ideas, worth to follow or explore.

LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals and so as it’s group. Like minded and knowledgeable professionals join the group in order to share their knowledge and experience to beginners or the new comers.

And that’s the reason why every LinkedIn Sales Enablement Manager always tries to find the best LinkedIn groups having sales enablement relevant content.

Some of the LinkedIn groups have a set of rules and guidelines which is made to stop or decrease spam, so that a healthy and a decent environment can be built for communication among professionals. Hope you like these groups and join them in order to enhance your knowledge and experience in the LinkedIn Sales enablement and its best practices.

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