How to generate leads from Social Media platforms

Lead Generation
July 30, 2021
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Lead Generation through Social Media

Nowadays almost  70 percent of online users are on social media. People are using it regularly for different purposes. Some are using it for entertainment purposes while others are using it to gather information. So the business or corporation can use the social media platform wisely and improve their sales. Social platforms help to generate new leads, help in reconnection with the lost consumers and also improves the brand awareness.

The Best Social Media Lead Generating Tips are :  So we are bringing you a few tips that you should be knowing about before starting your social media campaigns

  • Start Sharing Links of Valuable Content : Everyone is interested in good content. If the consumers can learn something from your product or services if your product is carrying some valuable insights with it then most of the customers will be interested in knowing more about your product. In this way you can attract the attention of a lot of new potential leads and persuade them into buying your product.
  • Create different Contest :  The most popular way of creating a buzz is to create contests. It is a method that is definitely going to work out. Why most businesses try to run a contest is because it helps to get the potential consumer and there is a large audience who is present. Most of the contest is shared among friends, relatives and there is a healthy communication between the business and the consumers.
  • Thoughtful Advertisement : With the help of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc you can advertise your products on any platform. But the most important thing is that the audience should be able to connect with posts, videos etc. They should be able to understand what you are trying to portray. Most of the social media platforms provide a feature called lead generation. With this feature you can contact direct leads with targeted marketing. This is very simple: the consumers just have to click on the form , fill it up , and submit it. They can also get an ebook by completing this process.
  • Proper Use of Geo-targeted Search : Nowadays location based targeting option is also available in social media. This means that you can send any particular type of message to a specific location. The business organisation will be able to send valuable contents on the basis of their interests and likings. You can also get to know what the audience are choosing and then implementing those necessary items can boost your sales as well.
  • Keep Engagement with the customers through webinars and Live Videos :  By using hangouts , webinars and live videos you can generate potential leads from social media. Most of the businesses use webinars to attract potential clients. This helps the business to attract as many clients as possible. There are chances that most of the audience is not going to attend the webinars but at least your company will get the large number of audience. In Google hangouts 150 persons can join at a specific time. It is a huge number , so with the help of webinars and hangouts your team can keep connecting with the future prospects.
  • Click through to a landing page :  A landing page is one of the most important tools it helps to turn potential leads into your customers. Every business should have a landing page because it is very essential. While looking at your website the customers can automatically visit the business website page and if they like any products they will end up buying it. So with the help of landing page you can completely turn your business.

On the other hand live videos are used when some kind of announcement is required. It helps in face to face interaction and you can create your live video in any social media platform of your choice. That can be either YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. But the most popular one is YouTube because the total number of audience there is humongous. So it can be the most effective.

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