How to Optimize your Facebook page for Product Sales

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October 10, 2021
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Facebook Selling

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page to Generate More Sales:

  1. Selecting the Perfect Name:

When it comes to improving optimization, it is essential to discover the right name for your Facebook Business Page. Because your company name is going to become your identity and once you choose it, that becomes enduring. The 1st word Facebook account headline is the largely significant element in the eyes of Google.

This is the reason filling up your page title with generic keywords won’t hell. On the other hand, it may look spam-like and demotivate audiences from getting connected, let alone communicating your updates. You have to create a brandable name that explains your business and shows its identity. This is the actual purpose behind any Facebook Business Page.

    2. Personalise Your Vanity URL:

Do not live in for the dynamic URL which is automatically created when you sign up. On Facebook, you can effortlessly customize your address and merge it with your brand name. Make something that is unusual and easy to memorize. If you correspond your Facebook URL with the page’s title you are going to enhance your company's recognition. Making your Facebook account personalization will enhance the findability of your page.

     3. Complete Your Profile Carefully:

Don't forget to upload your cover photo, bio and profile info and try to make sure that they include up-to-date information. A detailed profile should indicate your experienced behaviour and is a clear signal to your audience that you are committed. Also, aim for consistency across all of your social media channels, and do check that the leading visuals match. 

4. Provide Proper Importance to the "About Us" Section:

 Your consumers may be willing to learn more about you and your business: when the business started, location of the office, products and services provided by your company, etc. Therefore, give them detailed information. The “About Us' ' section is a place where you can underline the importance and the privileges your products or service may bring. 

5. Make Sure to Use Keywords Strategically on Your Business Page:

Using keywords continues to be vital, even when we are talking about social media. Position your targeted ones in the most significant, strategic parts of your page. Don't forget to provide it in the URL, page title and “About Us” section because they will be visible on the front page and will come out in search results.

 The caption of your page corresponds with the headline and your short explanation works as the meta description tag. However, make sure that you do not over-utilize keywords: providing a top-seven is enough and mention them sincerely in an adequate context.

7. Improve All Facebook Updates:

The most important thing in an article is the first 18 characters of every  Facebook post that you will be doing. Try to showcase them as the meta description in SERPs. Once you have done this when at any time you are going to post on Facebook, you can always add a description while posting content or uploading images.

8. Keep on Implementing New Features to Retain Your Consumers:

Facebook is always inventing fresh helpful equipment that is going to help running your company easier. You have to keep your account well-optimized, and you have to notice all the new features that are coming out and execute them when available.

There is a feature called call to action on Facebook. With the help of this feature, people can easily connect with your business page. You can choose a desirable objective for your type of industry and supervise your followers to it.

There are also different types of actions available: 

  • Sign Up is a kind of mailing list or webinar.
  • Book Now with this you can book hotel or restaurant reservations   
  • Contact Us 
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now 
  • Watch Video

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