How to select the right LinkedIn Sales Enablement process?

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February 24, 2021
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How to select the right LinkedIn Sales Enablement process?

 Sales enablement is one of the hottest buzzwords in the field of sales and marketing today. Sales enablement is an idea and process of providing useful and valuable resources to your sales team which can help them a lot in succeeding their competitors. Every sales leader is trying to implement the sales enablement into their team.

 Most of the companies or firms have implemented a specific form of sales enablement to accelerate their sales by generating more leads. According to the sales enablement optimization report provided by the CSO Insights more than 60% of the companies have designated their own sales enablement professionals.  

 In future we can expect a separate sales enablement department implemented by every company or organization and that’s the reason why it is important for every sales professional to set up a winning sales enablement process.

 Now let’s look at some of the important steps for setting up the right sales enablement process which should be followed by every sales and marketing professionals to generate more sales and high quality leads.


1).  Team management and collaboration

 Sales enablement is all about handling and using useful resources with your team for generating more qualified sales. You should make your team more collaborating and contributing toward the agenda.

 Your sales team should be able to easily adopt new sales technologies and get used to it because today the sales enablement software and tools are becoming the most important aspects of every sales enablement process.

 You can also use a specific resource to train your sales team and make them comfortable to use any of the new sales solutions which may become into the market and is really  profitable to use. A true sales leader has good team management skills adding collaboration in a perfect way wherever required and that’s what you have to do.


2). Choosing your sales enablement resources

There are a lot of resources available on the internet but most of them are not useful while others are available in non filtered or degraded format and that’s the reason why you should be very selective while choosing any of the sales enablement tools, content or practices.  

Initially you should think about your business or company type and understand it’s requirements. After that only you should plan any kind of operational structure and the sales strategy at last.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is also one of the most popular sales enablement tools or software widely used as a LinkedIn sales enablement resource. It comes with LinkedIn premium and provides various features and functionalities that can be used for sales acceleration and generating more high quality leads.

You have to be a bit more skeptical while choosing your sales enablement tools or software as per your requirement. Yet there are some common features which every sales enablement tool or software have, some of them are sales intelligence software, sales CRM’s, content management, customer experience management.

If you are beginner or new to the sales and marketing and looking for all in one sales enablement tool for LinkedIn, Email and Twitter which is easy to use yet provide most advance features such as powerful campaign manager, advanced LinkedIn CRM, email campaign sequence and many more then you should definitely try MeetAlfred for generating more business opportunities and succeeding in your sales career.


3).Track record of performance


Sales enablement process can also be used to track the increase or decrease in the performance of a sales team. Once a wise man said that “Comparing yourself with you in the recent past is the best comparison the one can do”.

Your company or firm will never grow faster if your sales and marketing is performing poor back to back. Through the sales enablement each and every person in the sales team have nearly equal opportunities to perform well and provide a substantial growth in the sales of the product or services of the company.


4).Team building

Time and team management become extremely easy when you have used your time inbuilding your sales team with the right approach. Building a right team that is dedicated to sales acceleration and sales enablement can decide the profit generated by the team and so why it is very important.

Atypical sales enablement process can be establish with the help of sales enablement team consisting of :-


Sales Enablement Manager -

The sales enablement manager takes the responsibility reflected by the position. Sales enablement manager manages the process of sales enablement and it’s initiatives for successfully implementing and regulating the useful and right resources for the overall sales acceleration. Sometimes the sales enablement manager is also responsible for taking care of any issue which may arise in the overall implementation process.


Marketing Manager -

Marketing Manager is the professional who is directly involved with the sales enablement team guiding them to the company's goals and marketing initiatives. Marketing manager should have a year of experience in the field of sales and marketing because then only he or she knows what is to be required and what is to be facilitated.


Analyst -

Analyzing data of your company and its sales team is very useful. Sometimes sales and marketing professionals don’t have time to deep dive into data and stats driving out useful results and helping in decision making. So, any analyst is best for this task. Analysts will provide you the useful insights of your company or organization with the help of which you can easily decide what’s good for your company and what’s not.

So these were some of the important points worth to be noted down in choosing and setting up the right LinkedIn sales enablement process. Everyone is trying to implement sales enablement to their sales team but the one who follows a certain set of rules and instructions successfully implements it and generates more profit with the help of it. LinkedIn sales enablement has become a vitalpart in the field of LinkedIn and sales marketing.

 LinkedIn sales enablement or simply the sales enablement is one of the most popular buzzwords today in the field of sales and marketing. These important points which should be taken care while setting up the right LinkedIn Sales Enablement are extremely beneficial for beginners.

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