How to move your Social Traffic into a Sales Funnel

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August 5, 2021
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Social Traffic

Social Media Marketing is one of the most common methods for driving traffic. But the traffic that you will be getting from social media will be cold traffic, that is they will only visit your and go through your products but are not interested in buying anything. So a sales funnel will help you to make these potential consumers who are interested into buying your product, make them customers. Through the sales funnel you will get to know how to approach the consumers and how to persuade them.

These are some of the ways in which you can increase your Social traffic with the help of Sales Funnel:

  1. Calculation of Social Media Conversion Rates :  Before starting to optimise your sales funnel you need to know how it is performing in the market. So Social Media Conversion Rates is going to show you where your place is right now in the market. And then with the necessary steps it becomes comparatively easy to reach out to your targets. With the help of conversion rates you will be able to understand which  social platforms are getting the highest reach of the audience and you can start posting content on those platforms as well.
  1. Setting a targeted Conversion Rates Goals :  Once you get to understand which all social media platforms that you should mostly post content on, that will prove to be beneficial in the future then you can set an achievable goal. Don't aim for something that is impossible to attain in this specific moment, it will be better if you keep your goal low because then you can easily achieve it. And even a small achievement will help to boost up your morale. For the achievement of goals you have to set your target first, for that you need to compare the conversion rates to your targeted benchmarks. You need to maximize your funnel for social media conversions.
  1. Optimizing your Funnel to Increase Social Media Conversation Rates:  It is used when you provide visitors the option to sign up through any social media networking platforms. So there is no need to provide emails, your phone number etc. They just have to press sign up through the social media option and their account will be activated. The main advantage of the process is that it reduces the consumer's effort to enter your social funnel. This whole process can be done within minutes and no time will be  wasted. You can also add your share buttons once you have signed up , the main reason behind it is to involve the customers in sharing more content. This helps to increase the traffic of the website and at the same time it increases brand promotion as well.
  1. Increase Social Media Promotions to drive Traffic:  Once you have optimized your sales funnel you have to start working on your sales funnel to drive more effective consumers that are going to converse better. You have to choose the platforms on which you are going to advertise mostly. You can post on different platforms as well but paying attention to some of the best platforms that are having higher conversion rates, will be beneficial for your business. You can mostly focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. These are the most popular apps and here you will get a very large number of audience whom you can engage with. Regular posting of content is required, you have to also keep on replying back to your consumers messages. There must be a two way communication. Acknowledging the consumers will encourage them to think that you are really looking out for them. They will mention you in different posts , videos, and will start taking your company. So you have to keep on checking what is happening in the market and then implementing those necessary steps that are required to build a healthy relationship with the following consumers.

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