Schedule and Automate Social Media Posts

What else can Alfred do
In this video we will show you how to schedule and post social media content to increase your reach and engagement with your audience.

Video Transcript

You can fully automate your social media content using Alfred's post feature.
Head over to your navigation bar and then click on Post. Alfred's post feature allows you to schedule and post any social media content that can help you increase your reach and engagement with your audience completely on autopilot.
To create a new post, click on Create New Post. You're going to start off by entering a post title and then select the different platforms that you wish the content to be published on. Then proceed to creating the content. You can include hashtags in order to increase your reach and include media by clicking on the attachment icon. This will allow you to add images rather than videos.
As you scroll down you'll be able to select whether you want the content to go live right away, or you can schedule it for some time in the future. On the right, you'll notice a preview of what your content will look like across the multiple channels that you selected. Once you're satisfied, click on Publish.
Once your post has been published, Alfred will go ahead and feed you analytics as to how each piece of content has performed. The Status column will indicate whether a post has been already published or is scheduled to go live sometime in the future.
If you have any questions about how this feature works, please feel free to contact our customer support team who is standing by to assist.

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