Use Sales Navigator To Generate Leads

Campaigns Creation
Leverage Sales Navigator and Alfred to start conversations with their ideal clients at scale and completely on autopilot.

Video Transcript

Alfred allows you to cut and paste your LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search URL to add up to 2500 leads at a time.
Depending on your membership level, LinkedIn provides a series of search capabilities and filters to help you target your ideal audience. The higher your membership, the more filter options you have. But the objective is to get the most targeted list of leads possible to ensure your campaign delivers the success you want.
After you've narrowed down your search, all you need to do is copy the link or the URL and paste it directly into Alfred. It should be noted that regardless of how many results LinkedIn indicates are available in that search, Basic and Premium LinkedIn users are only able to see the first 1000 profiles of any search and Sales Navigator users will see the first 2500 profiles.
After pasting your URL, you have some additional options to consider. You can choose how many leads you want to gather from the search - whether you want to leave it at the maximum amount possible or you want to lower that amount. You can also exclude profiles that don't have photos and choose to target premium profiles only or open-link profiles. This gives you great control on the quality of the leads gathered from the search.
The next step is to create your campaign sequence. This is where you will build the campaign sequence of the different steps that you wish offered to take.
If you have any questions about how this feature works. please feel free to chat with our customer support team, who is standing by to assist you.

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