View Your Team’s Stats

Account Management
Get an overview of your teams campaigns performance all in one place.

Video Transcript

Alfred’s Team Stats feature allows you to get insight on your team's overall campaign's performance.
To get here, simply head over to your navigation bar, click on Team and then Stats. On this screen, you'll get an overview of your team's campaigns performance all in one place. You'll also be able to manage different team members from this view and see details related to the different campaigns that they have running.
If you wish to impersonate a team members account, simply click on this Manage User icon. This will log you in to impersonate your team members account, where you can create campaigns, view their dashboard, contacts, manage their replies and more.
Once you're done impersonating an account, simply click on this icon here in order to log out. You will then be taken back to your dashboard.
If you have any questions about how this feature works, please feel free to contact our customer support team who is standing by to assist you

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