Getting Started with Alfred Video Demo (plus FAQs)

Advanced Linkedin CRM

The first ever purpose built CRM providing full access to your Linkedin connections detailed information.

Linkedin Powerful Campaign Manager

Check out what's possible with the Alfred CRM

Alfred has everything you need to manage your leads and connections.

Access and manage all your 1st degree connections information

Don't waste any more time individually accessing your network's data on Linkedin or Sales Navigator.

Have full access to your network's information, save you valuable time and it's always kept up to date without you lifting a single finger.

Contact details from your network at your fingertips

Looking for someone's email? We got it.
Looking for someone's phone number? We got it too.

Anything that your connections have made publicly available is waiting for you in the Alfred CRM.

Find the right person with easy to use searches and advanced filters

Use up to 13 search options and filters available to create complex searches and quickly narrow down your results.

Super fast too, with results appearing in milliseconds

Campaign tracking by individual lead

Access precise records from every one of your leads, no matter what campaign they are on, and see exactly at what stage of your sequence they are on.

Easily write notes and add tags

Keep precise notes of everyone in your network, so you never forget a detail from your interactions with them.

Also add tags to your leads and connections for deep segmentation and fast search.

Managing your invitations is a breeze

Whether it is accepting or rejecting the many connection requests you receive on a regular basis, or tracking which of your invites hasn't been accepted yet, the Invitations Manager will lift the pressure and give you a hand.

Keep your network informed with simple campaign creation feature

It's no longer enough publishing a post on Linkedin about some amazing news about your company, and hoping it gets noticed.

It's better to create a targeted and personalised message (like a newsletter), to your 1st degree connections with our powerful campaign manager directly from the CRM.


"To have access to my and my team's Linkedin connection information is priceless. It's the easiest way to quickly find their email, phone number and even things I didn't think I needed like their Skype ID so I can start talking to them faster."

Elsa MacDonald
Director of Digital Marketing