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Create, Edit, and Save personalized messaging templates for all of your campaigns right inside of your account. This feature is 100% editable to put you in control of your messaging and brand voice.

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Improve Your LinkedIn Email Templates with Meet Alfred

More often than not, an email is your first point of contact with a potential LinkedIn connection. Alfred allows you to craft the perfect cold email template and have it on hand for your future connections. Or tailor different InMail templates for LinkedIn members depending on their interests and any commonalities.

Continue to nurture these leads and build your presence on the professional networking site with additional marketing campaign templates, LinkedIn post templates, and more.

Focus on Your Content and Completing Tasks

Crafting the perfect LinkedIn connect template can be a lot of work. You want to make a positive first impression but don’t have time to be typing up dozens of emails a day.

With Alfred, you can create and store your templates that can be utilized and customized for various purposes and audiences whenever you need them. Additionally, they allow your company to keep your brand consistent across each and every interaction during the lead generation process.

Ease Team Workload and Increase Efficiency

Allow your colleagues to share LinkedIn messages or email templates to boost sales with other team members. It’s never been easier to share the best InMail templates across departments to help improve marketing efforts across the board.

The ability to seamlessly swap and edit templates also ensures you’re creating an email with the most valuable input from team members.

Preview Messages Before Publishing

Alfred LinkedIn message templates allow your team to be more efficient without sacrificing the quality of your emails. Choose from a library with hundreds of tried-and-tested LinkedIn message templates created to fit any industry. 

Customize it, clone it, and make it your own! Unlike your average InMail templates for sale, Alfred templates are completely customisable and meant to be tailored to your business and audience. Add your own subject line and perfect cold calling for good.


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Automate LinkedIn Messages with Fully Customizable Templates

With these planning templates on hand, you can automate your marketing strategy with Alfred. Alfred can mimic a regular human employee to reach out to various LinkedIn profiles for your marketing or lead generation team through InMail messages or other means.

Your team can set up various customized tags in your private message LinkedIn templates. During the campaign period, Alfred then fills in this data and sends out these personalized emails to the profiles you want to reach.


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Frequently Asked Questions About LinkedIn Messaging

How can you create LinkedIn message templates in Alfred?

There are three types of LinkedIn message templates to choose from with Alfred.

  • Personal - are the ones that you create and manage. 
  • Team - are the ones that are shared by your team members in which you can also share with your team. 
  • Library - is a collection of hundreds of message templates we've created as a sample for you to get inspired by copying and cloning.

You can manage and save your templates within several different categories to easily locate them.

What are the different categories for message templates?

Alfred offers seven different categories to help organize your templates. From social media post templates to LinkedIn recruiter message templates, these include:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Recruiting 
  • Outreach
  • Appointments
  • LinkedIn Specific

Is there a limit on LinkedIn messages?

Yes. There's an 8,000-character limit for creating messages. However, some message types such as connection requests are capped at 300 on LinkedIn and 280 within Alfred.

How do LinkedIn message templates work as part of a campaign?

With Alfred, your marketing team can simply create LinkedIn message templates, and our LinkedIn automation takes care of the rest. You can effectively send personalized LinkedIn InMail to connect, allowing you to build rapport and develop fruitful relationships with new clients or prospects.


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