Getting Started with Alfred Video Demo (plus FAQs)

Email Campaign Sequences

Go beyond Linkedin and engage with your network using your Gmail, G Suite or Microsoft Outlook account.

Linkedin Powerful Campaign Manager

Build a complete sales workflow from social to email

Alfred has everything you need to integrate email in your marketing campaigns.

Easily connect your Gmail or GSuite account

Add your preferred Gmail or Gsuite account with a single click, to authorise Alfred to send your automated emails.

Just as easily, change the email address and enjoy full control of what email address Alfred sends messages from.

Trigger an email cadence after automated actions on Linkedin

Design advanced, trigger-response sales workflows through a simple interface, covering all your sales processes in one fully-integrated system.

Send warmer emails to the right prospects at the right time

Not only do you have control of the message being sent with personalisation snippets, but you can manage the subject line and when to send it after the previous steps in your campaign.

Email signature templates

Easily add an email signature to all your communications with templates, that are automatically included when emails get sent.

Track every email sent with activity reports

Knowing who has received what, when is extremely important to learn what works and what isn't.

With our activity tracking features, you can see every email sent, to whom and when to ensure you are getting the results you need.


"To have access to my and my team's Linkedin connection information is priceless. It's the easiest way to quickly find their email, phone number and even things I didn't think I needed like their Skype ID so I can start talking to them faster."

Elsa MacDonald
Director of Digital Marketing