Getting Started with Alfred Video Demo (plus FAQs)

In-Depth Analytics & Dashboard

Monitor your progress, get actionable insights on campaign performance to make smarter decisions.

Linkedin Powerful Campaign Manager

It's not useless without the data.

Alfred has everything for you to analyse your campaigns for best results.

Get a glimpse with the global Dashboard

Every time you login to Alfred, you are presented with a snapshot of your Linkedin account and all the major activities taking place.

Click on any of the buttons to drill down deeper into the analytics and get more precise and valuable information.

Campaign specific analytics to learn what is working and what isn't

With Alfred you can compare different campaigns at a glance, specially useful when running A/B testing.

Click on any of the stats to drill deeper into the numbers of each automated action for a full view of what's going on with each campaign.

Stay on top of your daily limit usage and when they reset

Alfred resets daily usage limits at 00:00 GMT every day. Always be in the know of how much automation has been performed throughout the day and when the limits will reset.

Detailed campaign activity by individual lead

Access precise records from every one of your leads, no matter what campaign they are on, and see exactly at what stage of the sequence they are on.

Also take accurate notes of any lead and even tag them for easier segmentation and searchability.

Activity reports based on Linkedin action

Whether it is viewing Linkedin profiles, sending connection requests, sending follow-ups, messages or anything else. Alfred makes all of this data easily available and exportable if necessary.

Learn how your teammates are performing and share results

Join hands and accelerate your company's sales and revenue with an easy-to-use team feature, to reach the right prospects at the right time with the right amount of automation.

Share campaign performance and best practice to ensure you achieve maximum ROI from your Linkedin efforts.


"We pride ourselves in getting every dollar of value from any investment we make and Alfred's analytics and data keeps us up to date with how are campaigns are going and performing. Super valuable!"

Josh Nash
Director of Business Development and Marketing
Factory Four