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Understand Your LinkedIn Limits with Meet Alfred

LinkedIn can block your account for any kind of violation or breach of their standards. Essentially, LinkedIn limits invitations, connections, and messages for all members. These LinkedIn daily limits help keep the platform free of spam while fostering a safe online community.

Of course, it can be difficult for one team to know when they’ve reached their LinkedIn message limit per day. That’s where Alfred comes into play. Our software easily automates daily activity for messages, connections, and more to prevent your account from being flagged or suspended by the professional networking platform.

Daily LinkedIn Activity Limits to Avoid Flagging

Alfred's algorithms detect what type of LinkedIn membership you have and set you up with conservative and editable daily profile views, connection requests, messaging, and emailing limits to help prevent your account from being flagged by LinkedIn. 

Remember that all members are subject to the LinkedIn limit on connections and invitations. You can’t buy or acquire more invitations while you’ve been restricted. With Alfred, your team doesn’t need to worry about the daily limit for LinkedIn connections so they can continue to focus on making meaningful connections.

Prevent Auto-Reply Message Loops

Alfred auto detects when a conversation occurs and immediately stops the campaign sequence for those leads. Track who replies and decide who to return to the series total you get the result you are looking for. This allows your team to send messages wisely during lead generation.

Simulate Realistic Human Behavior

To ensure our automation looks natural, Alfred is equipped with a scheduler feature that helps mimic your regular working hours. By only sending LinkedIn connection requests during working hours, it minimizes the chance of your account being flagged for utilizing automation. In Alfred, you can set the days of the week and specific hours you want Alfred’s automation to run.

LinkedIn Automatic Withdrawal

To avoid getting your account restricted from sending connection requests, you will have access to our automatic withdrawal feature that keeps any unanswered pending invites to a minimum. This is one of the most effective ways to adhere to the LinkedIn connection request limits while still growing your network.


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LinkedIn Frequently Asked Questions

What is the daily limit for LinkedIn connections?

Specific LinkedIn limits ultimately depend on your account (i.e. a basic or premium account). Some members have an invitation limit of 100 messages a day, while others may have a weekly invitation limit of 100 messages.

LinkedIn will also track your profile’s actions. This includes sending a connection request, sending a message, endorsing skills, or viewing profiles. LinkedIn may flag your account if you go over 250 actions per day.

What is the LinkedIn limit on connections?

There’s also a limit to how many connections you can have on your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn members can have up to 30,000 1st-degree connections. After that, they can only “Follow” other accounts and are unable to receive or send invitations.

What are LinkedIn scraping limits?

LinkedIn scraping can help your business capture and organise important profile details like phone numbers and email addresses. However, you should limit your scrapes to under 100 a day to avoid being flagged.

Why does LinkedIn have so many limits?

LinkedIn limits may seem frustrating, but it’s what keeps the professional networking website legitimate. Without these limits, it would be easy for profiles and bots to spam professionals. With Alfred, you can utilize automation for good and make meaningful connections without having your account flagged for going over LinkedIn limits.


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