Getting Started with Alfred Video Demo (plus FAQs)

Inbuilt Safety Usage Limits

Manage all aspects of Alfred's automation to ensure your Linkedin account is within their commercial limits.

Linkedin Powerful Campaign Manager

Keeping your account safe is our priority

Alfred has all the features you need to automate Linkedin without risk.

Conservative and editable daily automation limits

Alfred's algorithms can detect what type of Linkedin membership you have, and provide you with a set of conservative daily limits that ensure your activity will not raise alarms with Linkedin.

Additionally, we provide you with full control and ability to edit these limits to suit your needs.

Automation scheduler that matches how and when you work

To ensure your automation looks natural, we've included a scheduler feature which helps you match your normal working hours with Alfred's.

You can not only set the days of the week you want Alfred to work for you, but specific hours you want automation to run so it looks like you are doing it yourself.

Auto Captcha detection and pausing mechanism

From time to time, Linkedin may detect some unusual activity and trigger a ReCaptcha requiring you to login to Linkedin again.

Alfred's algorithm can detect such events, and automatically shuts down the automation for 3 hours to protect your account as well as give you guidelines on what to do to resolve the issue permanently.

Automatic connection request withdrawals

In an effort to avoid getting your account restricted from sending connection requests, Alfred provides an automatic withdrawal feature, keeping your pending (unanswered) invites to a minimum.

This ensure that your account will never require emails to invite others or limitations of any kind.

Automation throttling for human-like activity

Alfred uses a very sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm designed to mimic human behaviour to avoid detection by Linkedin.

It randomly chooses actions to be executed and learns from how you use Linkedin to always look like you are manually working on the platform.


"Alfred has made reaching our potential customers and users a breeze. We have seen a significant improvement in response rates and engagement from using Alfred, from our tests no other method comes close to the effectiveness of Linkedin with Alfred."

Adam Carrigan
Co-founder and CEO