Reply Detection & Safety Limits

Use Alfred’s power of automation to streamline your workflow and automate Linkedin without risk.

Daily Activity Limits to Avoid Flagging

Alfred's algorithms detect what type of Linkedin membership you have and set you up with conservative and editable daily profile views,  connection requests, messaging and emailing limits to help prevent your account from being flagged by Linkedin. 

Prevent Auto-Reply Loops

Alfred auto detects when a conversation occurs and immediately stops the campaign sequence for those leads. Track who replies and decide who to return to the series total you get the result you are looking for.

Simulation of Human Behavior

To ensure our automation looks natural, Alfred is equipped with a scheduler feature that helps mimic your regular working hours.

In Alfred, you can set the days of the week and specific hours you want Alfred’s automation to run.

LinkedIn Auto Withdrawal

To avoid getting your account restricted from sending connection requests, you will have access to our automatic withdrawal feature that keeps any unanswered pending invites to a minimum.

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