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Alfred’s LinkedIn post scheduling feature saves time & pushes more types of content to your audiences on LinkedIn & your other linked Social Media platforms

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Alfred’s LinkedIn post scheduler saves time and pushes more types of content to your audiences across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

With Alfred, you have a LinkedIn post scheduler at your fingertips. Utilize LinkedIn post templates, schedule a LinkedIn post, and more to streamline your social media presence for the better. Scheduling your posts allows you to create cohesive social media content. But perhaps even more important, it gives your team more time to focus on other important operations like nurturing leads and closing sales.

Don’t know where to start with your social media posts? Let Alfred help. Choose from our selection of social media post templates to help you easily create posts or use them as inspiration for other campaigns. From there, it’s easy to use our LinkedIn post scheduler to put out these posts at the best times to engage with your leads.

Utilize Social Media to Engage and Generate Leads

Connect multiple social media accounts and easily create, schedule, and publish posts to engage your followers. Customize your text, include visuals, emojis, and hashtags to put each social network in the same position. Social media scheduling tools like Alfred allow you to meet your leads on the social media platforms they use the most. Perfect your social media marketing once and for all with the LinkedIn post scheduler that can do it all.

Cross-Post on Different Social Media Channels

Eliminate the most time-consuming tasks of content creation for social media and publish content across multiple sites at a time!  Seamlessly integrate and select the different social accounts you'd like the content to get published to. Alfred helps make your social media manager’s job infinitely easier. Whether you’re just starting to create a social media presence or need to overhaul your existing posts, Alfred can help with social media post scheduling and more.

Preview Social Media Posts Before You Publish

Get a preview of what your posts will look like across the different platforms selected before publishing them. Once you're ready, publish the post right away or schedule it for later. It’s easy to find which posts work best for your business and experiment with which times to post for the most engagement. Never second-guess your social media strategy again. LinkedIn post scheduler allows your team to preview posts and make changes in real time to ensure your social media presence is as accurate and up-to-date as it needs to be.


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Frequently Asked Questions About LinkedIn Posting

How can businesses use social media for lead generation?

Social media is the most important marketing tool for all businesses. Nowadays everyone is using social media for different purposes. Trust us: all your existing and potential customers are out there.

What should businesses use LinkedIn posts for?

You can directly post about your product as it is a professional platform. You don't need to do anything extra.

Does LinkedIn support user-generated content?

User-generated content (UGC) created by your consumers represents your products and services, and it is extremely influential. Businesses often overlook the wealth of UGC available on LinkedIn. With Alfred as your LinkedIn post scheduler, your team has more time to find this valuable content and share it with your audience.

What’s the best time to post on LinkedIn?

This ultimately depends on timezones, but according to Sprout Social and LinkedIn, the best time to post on LinkedIn is between 8 am to 3 pm. Keep this in mind no matter whether you’re using a free social media post scheduler or a smart tool like Alfred.

Can you schedule a LinkedIn post using Alfred?

Yes, with Alfred, you can easily schedule your LinkedIn posts and also post to your other linked social media platforms. Alfred offers a powerful social media post scheduling feature that allows you to plan and automate your LinkedIn content. You can schedule posts in advance, ensuring that your content is published at the optimal time to reach your target audience.

How to schedule a post on LinkedIn using Alfred?

Scheduling a post on LinkedIn with Alfred is a breeze. Simply log in to your Alfred account, connect your LinkedIn profile, and navigate to the post scheduling feature. From there, you can compose your post, add media, and choose the specific date and time you want it to be published. Alfred will take care of the rest, ensuring your post goes live at the scheduled time.


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