LinkedIn Sales Navigator Introduction for Beginners

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
February 7, 2021
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Introduction

Today, social media is one of the most popular ways to connect to the target audience. Social Media has changed the landscape of Digital Marketing and boosted its demand and popularity. LinkedIn Marketing has become vital for every small or big company for various benefits.

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform of professionals and business. Nearly30 million or more than that businesses and companies are on LinkedIn.

They use it for various purposes such as getting market analysis, building a strong network, recruiting professionals, advertising, and overall development of them.

Due to the popularity and engagement of the platform, it is widely used by the Social Media Marketers or Digital Marketers for connecting to the targeted audience or collecting the required leads or performing market research.

There are certain ways to collect, analyze and process data from LinkedIn but the most popular tool for various kinds of related work is LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  As the name suggests this premium tool is owned and offered by LinkedIn. It’s a part of the LinkedIn sales solution.

What is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

 LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a kind of a sales management tool crafted to increase the sales and enhance the overall development of the company or business.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is very popular and has useful features depending upon the subscription. This popular sales tool has three kinds of subscription providing different premium features. They are -

1.   Professional

2.   Team

3.   Enterprise

Professional subscription of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides Advanced company research and leads, Notifications and alerts on your saved leads and accounts, creation of customized lists along with various other features.

 Team subscription of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides tracking engagement, content sharing, Syncing with your CRM, Introductions from Teammates, and various other features.

 Enterprise subscription of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is best for a team of 10 or more than 10 members. This subscription provides you the top features of the tool such as CRM update with Data Validation, Integrate CRM contacts, Advanced enterprise integrations including various other features. You can contact them for the Enterprise subscription.

 There are various benefits of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With the help of Lead Building features you can easily reach out to your target audience by filtering and sorting the search results using the various options such as keywords, industry, title, function, company size, etc.

 LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides you the facility to integrate with the CRM. CRM integration makes it easy and accessible to integrate your LinkedIn account with two different CRM platforms Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

 LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides a sales navigator team feature which is very useful for the company or organization having the sales and marketing team on the platform. It provides the facility to Collab and perform more efficiently and achieve their personal goals more quickly.

 It also provides you the feature to send private messages to any user on the platform to whom you want to connect. These messages are also known as InMails. InMails are only available to the premium and the sales navigator subscribers.

There are many other benefits of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator which will be discussed in other posts. So, now let’s check the cost of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Costs of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

As discussed above the LinkedIn Sales Navigator has three different pricing based on the type of the subscription i.e. Professional, Team and Enterprise.

You can subscribe to any of the plans depending on the size of your team, organization or company and change or update it later whenever required.

These plans are also known as Professional tier, Team tier and Enterprise tier.

Each of the plans has monthly and annual based pricing. All three plans come with a free trial or demo.  Monthly plans can be slightly more expensive than the Annual subscription plan.

We always recommend you to buy or purchase any of the monthly subscriptions to get hands-on experience in getting better results. Later you can upgrade your subscription to the Annual subscription if you think you will require it for along term.

Coming to the exact pricing of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans, the professional plan will cost you around $64.99 per user per month, billed $779.88 annually. It will cost you around $79.99 per user per month for the monthly subscription.

The professional plan will cost you around $64.99 per user per month, billed$779.88 annually. It will cost you around $79.99 per user per month for the monthly subscription.

The Team plan will cost you around $103.33 per user per month, billed $1240.00annually. It will cost you around $134.99 per user per month for the monthly subscription.

You will have to contact them for getting the customized price for the Enterprise subscription for both the annual and the monthly plans.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most popular paid sales solutions. It’s a kind of sales and marketing management tool or software which is crafted to help sales managers and representatives to deep dive into the vast LinkedIn professional network and generate more leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has various useful features such as company and lead research, generating customized lists, notes, tags, saved leads, etc. The tool is evolving and new features are getting added to it after a certain period of time and that’s the reason why it is getting more useful to B2B or business to business marketing segments.

This tool helps businesses, companies and organizations in generating more leads by easily finding and sorting out the targeted audience and establishing a communication between them in just a few steps.

Providing those services and features is great but they do not provide you all of the services and features discussed in this post at a decent or reasonable cost.

That’s one of the major reasons why some of the sales and marketing professionals prefer to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternatives. Still LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most popular and widely used sales tool.

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