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LinkedIn Sales Navigator
April 5, 2021
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LinkedIn sales navigator tools

We all are using Linkedin Sales Navigator since July 2014 as after Linkedin released it for businesses to reach their targeted audience. At that time the tool was great No one gives you those features that time when the sales navigator launched. But now In the New Era Linkedin Sales Navigator is backward among many sales navigator tools. So I’m going to tell you about the top 3 Linkedin Sales Navigator you can use to reach the ideal audience for your business.

The alternatives are too advanced as compared to Linkedin Sales Navigator. So why use Sales Navigator when you have better alternatives. So without wasting your precious time. Let’s get started.

Here are the top Sales Navigator Alternatives:

  1. Meet Alfred
  2. Social Pilot
  3. Linkedin Helper

So let’s get deep into these tools and explore them.

1. Meet Alfred

Is the tool which gives the toughest competition to Linkedin Sales Navigator. It has many features that are not available in the Linkedin Sales Navigator. As I already told you Sales Navigator doesn’t have features for new era marketing. I know they push new updates still they can’t beat Meet Alfred.

As you can see in the upper image some of the Linkedin Sales Tool that Alfred Provides to help you reach the Targeted Audience.

Here is the list of some more Good Features of Alfred:

  • Advanced Linkedin CRM
  • Twitter Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • In-depth Analysis

Additionally, Alfred can also be used to maximizing engagement and conversions from your Linkedin connections. Using Alfred’s CRM functionality you'll create and run different LinkedIn campaigns for your LinkedIn audience base to stay connected and engaged together with your company/brand. 

The Main Part Pricing and Rating:

Pricing:   $29/Month

Rating:    4.8/5 ⭐

2. Social Pilot

SocialPilot is a simple and basic social selling tool. Because social selling requires you to obtrude the proper message at the proper time to the proper user, you would like a tool that drives personalized communication on a platform like LinkedIn. Social Pilotis one such tool, which helps you automate such conversations, yet keep the essence of personalization alive in your messages.

Once you’ve tracked your page performance, now's the time to optimize the posts that you simply are sharing on your page, to fetch more engagement. SocialPilot allows you to make more engaging channel-specific posts. Using SocialPilot's LinkedIn publishing features you'll, in minutes, upload images or select from the page URL you're posting. you'll even attach videos, carousel posts, gifs, infographics, etc. in your copy to form your content more engaging. 


They have bugs in their automation as it stops working randomly and you have to restart the campaign to make it work again. That’s really a serious bug

The Main Part Pricing and Rating:

Pricing:   $100/Month

Rating:    4.5/5 ⭐

3. Linkedin Helper

As the name suggests, Linked Helper is there to assist you together with your LinkedIn social media marketing and boost your brand visibility on this social media channel. Using this LinkedIn automation tool you'll automatically endorse your contacts, albeit you've got many of them, in no time. In return, tons of contacts also will endorse your company or brand. 

Liked Helper’s auto mailing system is another spectacular feature that you simply can use to stay your communication going with business partners open 24/7, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. with no human interference, this feature personalizes all communication or interaction that goes out from your LinkedIn profile to your connections.

Cons of using Linked Helper

You can’t use emojis in your content as Linked Helper doesn’t support emojis in their tools. And, your copy finishes up looking unprofessional.

The tool gives trouble with contact gathering sometimes. this is often a technical glitch that will ruin your marketing efforts.

The Main Part Pricing and Rating:

Pricing:   $49/Month

Rating:    4.3/5 ⭐

As I say always this is not an eye blind review article. I have used these tools myself before posting this. You can check out these articles if you want to know more about Social Selling Tools.

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