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Empower your team by automating their work, sending hundreds of personalised follow-up messages on Linkedin, Email & Twitter every day, to achieve your sales goals faster.

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Why Should You Choose Meet Alfred?

10x your replies by prospecting
across multiple channels

Create a truly multi-channel sales pipeline. For instance, you could visit a lead's LinkedIn profile, follow up with a personalized connection request and then an email or Twitter DM.

Interact with your prospects naturally wherever they are, to dramatically increase the chances of establishing a connection.

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10x your replies by prospectingacross multiple channels
Build trust with prospects using personalization at scale

Build trust with prospects using personalization at scale

Wouldn't it be great if you could automatically send a customized message based on the prospect's industry or location, or adjust your salespitch based on their title?

Thanks to our templates library and personalization snippets, you can tailor your sales message according to each prospect.

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Eliminate the hard work of business networking

Our built-in LinkedIn CRM system enables you to easily manage, organise and categorize all your business contacts the way you want with tags, notes, filters and more.

Get a complete overview of your network and focus on your relationships without distractions.

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Eliminate the hard work of business networking
Improve your team's efficiency and productivity

Improve your team's efficiency and productivity

Manage your entire team by onboarding multiple members easily, assigning roles and responsibilities, viewing their individual campaign performance, all from a single control panel.

Give your team the structure and flexibility to do their best work, no matter the scale.

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Save over 10hrs per week so you can focus on selling

Quite literally, time is our most valuable resource, so it's crucial to devote as much of it to the things that are important and more valuable to your business.

Automate tedious manual tasks, so you can instead focus on speaking with and nurturing leads towards conversion and maximize sales.

Save over 10hrs per week so you can focus on selling

This is what automation feels like

“It's like having another one of me in the team, but without the expense! Alfred has saved our company at least 20 hours per week, by automating my entire outreach process.”

Michael Crowes
Director of Business Development
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Michael Crowes

"Meet Alfred has helped me save a huge amount of time. The campaigns were so easy to set up!"

Susan Bialas
Marketing Executive
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Susan Bialas

"Alfred is a great automating tool. It really helps to generate new leads and automate the first steps in engaging prospects.”

Mathew Harris
Regional Development Manager
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Mathew Harris

“Meetalfred is amazing! It's super easy to use. I hate doing any complex software setup, and Meetalfred was like a simple linkedin search, set the steps, and wait for magic. 100% worth it.”

Grace Zogjani
Sales Manager (Europe)
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Grace Zogjani

“Meet Alfred is the perfect tool to have your outbound effort on auto-pilot! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to move to the next level of sales activity!”

Bertrand Delain
Director of Sales
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Bertrand Delain
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Boost your sales with these free resources

Thinking about using one of the best sales automation tools to boost your B2B leads? Here are 27 ways a sales automation tool can help you.

LinkedIn outreach doesn’t need to be complicated. Meet Alfred makes prospecting easy with our complete Lead Generation Guide.

Read Meet Alfred's guide on how to automate LinkedIn to achieve optimal outreach outcomes, without violating the platform's policies & ending up in LinkedIn jail.

Integrate with


applications & tools

Stop switching between tools and run your business in one place with thousands of integrations powered natively, webhooks or our approved Zapier app.

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn has become the best social networking platform to help your sales or recruiter teams connect with prospects, other professionals, and business partners. Utilizing a LinkedIn automation service like Alfred can take it a step further and allow you to expand the reach of your professional network and engage with other users on the site.

Our tools at Alfred have been used by some of the biggest brands worldwide, and our company is constantly innovating to provide you with the best LinkedIn automation possible. With us, you can reach up to 10x your average replies, eliminate the hard work of networking, and save time and energy for things that matter.

With our extreme connectivity with over 3,000 applications and a plethora of great features designed to improve productivity in your workplace, there’s no doubt that we have the best bot for LinkedIn on the market. Take advantage of our 14-day free trial to see for yourself how great our platform is or schedule a demo with us today.

What are the advantages of LinkedIn automation?

LinkedIn bot software or automated LinkedIn tools like Alfred can make specific tasks easier by automating things like visiting profiles, sending connection requests, and even messaging. Here are several great reasons why a LinkedIn automation tool is worth your investment:

Focus on personalized conversations and relationship building

By automating a lot of routine tasks with the help of our LinkedIn tools, you can manage your time more efficiently and spend it on things that matter. Let our automated LinkedIn search functionality handle your daily tasks with a touch of personalization, and start to send LinkedIn connection messages and requests, send follow-up responses, automate LinkedIn messages to people in your network, send invitations to join a group, send InMails, etc. Through our tools, you can also automate looking at LinkedIn profiles and liking LinkedIn posts.

Additionally, you can set up your LinkedIn automation with Alfred to send messages across different platforms, from email to Twitter, allowing you more access to the people you need to reach. Once our LinkedIn automation finds a meaningful connection for your company, it allows you to take the lead and initiate further engagement, build fruitful relationships, or even help sell on LinkedIn with these prospects or enterprises.

Manage more leads in a more efficient manner

Managing a small number of leads in your business and tracking data may be easy. But when the number of leads increases, it may become more difficult to manage and stay organized.

Let our LinkedIn automation platform help you stay up to date with your prospects and provide additional search features on our dashboard. With our CRM software, you can easily filter each lead by their email address, and other identifying statistics (from skills to other related tags). All this information and activity will be stored in your automated campaign.

Build and expand your company brand

By automating LinkedIn search and connections, you can build and expand your network and Linkedin outreach, brand awareness, and loyalty at a much faster rate than before. For agencies and marketers, make your mark in the industry with our marketing automation LinkedIn tool. Our LinkedIn automation platform has specific features that allow you to seamlessly integrate social media and take advantage of it, from scheduling to cross-posting across different accounts.

How to set up LinkedIn automation?

Setting up a LinkedIn automation workflow is easy with us at Meet Alfred. Once you log in to your account on our website, all that is required for you to access the tools and features you’ll need to elevate your company are made easily accessible.

From there, it’s just a matter of doing some initial setup, such as reviewing LinkedIn message templates and ensuring that your account with us is connected to the various channels where you’ll need automation. The setup process is easy, and the platform is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

Note that Alfred works as two entities, the first of which is the dashboard on our website where you can create, manage, and monitor all your campaigns, and the other being the cloud-based application that allows you to set up the location to where it runs. Our LinkedIn automation cloud-based app can undergo four different sessions, and here is a quick run-down of what each does:

  • A login session occurs only once and showcases all the pertinent information about the LinkedIn accounts attached to the platform.
  • A campaign session, where it reaches out to prospects and actively engages with connections.
  • A data-gathering session, where it checks and syncs new connection requests or contact data (based on your LinkedIn pricing plan).
  • A checking session, where our bot verifies messages received and sends follow-up messages if necessary.

You can read more about setting up our LinkedIn automation tool by visiting our website’s help center. We have more detailed step-by-step guides there to show you how our product works.

How long does it take to automate LinkedIn?

The time it takes to automate LinkedIn with Alfred depends on the session as there are different actions associated with each type. Generally, our LinkedIn automation tool functions mostly on its own, and after an initial login, it will start doing the different tasks across certain timeframes. You can see how long each session runs here:

  • Login Session only occurs once
  • Campaign Session occurs randomly every 15–20 minutes
  • Data Gathering Session occurs randomly every 70–80 minutes
  • Checking Session occurs randomly every 80–100 minutes

If you’re interested in what we have to offer, please visit our website for more information regarding what our LinkedIn automation can do for your business or company. We have a 14-day free trial, and you can schedule a demo with us to see how effective our tools are for yourself.

Connect intelligently and build meaningful partnerships with Alfred today.

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