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Target prospective customers in a LinkedIn group you’re a member of, identify people who are attending a LinkedIn event or use LinkedIn posts to generate leads.

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Enhance Your LinkedIn Campaigns with Meet Alfred

LinkedIn offers a wealth of important prospect information that your business can utilize for good. We’re not just talking about emails and names. Reviewing who is attending a specific event on LinkedIn and the groups they are a part of can give you valuable insight into your target audience.

Seeing what you have in common with potential leads is the perfect way to tailor your outreach to them. Alfred helps you perfect your campaign on LinkedIn by automatically targeting events, groups, and posts to give you a better understanding of your connection’s interests.

Target LinkedIn Event Attendees

Send complimentary messages to other attendees of a Linkedin Event without being connected. Thanks to Alfred’s LinkedIn events, you can target new or existing leads.

Utilize LinkedIn event tracking to ensure you never miss an opportunity to find more qualified leads. Rather than having your team keep an eye out for a LinkedIn event post, Alfred can find the events that are most relevant to your business and audiences to find qualified leads.

Use LinkedIn Groups to Generate B2B Sales Leads

Connecting with B2B sales leads can be difficult, but not with Alfred. Easily reach out to members in a LinkedIn Group; Alfred gives you the ability to send hyper-personalized messages to group members as part of your campaign sequence. 

This level of personalization helps you stand out from the other noise and sponsored content B2B sales that your audience deals with every day.

Scrape Leads Through People Engaging with LinkedIn Posts

As you scroll through LinkedIn and come across any high-value posts with tons of engagement, you can easily target everyone who interacted with it. Not only does this help you gain a better understanding of your audience, but it also allows you to send tailored LinkedIn group messages and more.

LinkedIn scraping on this scale is one of the best ways to use the information readily available on the professional networking site for good. 

Don’t Be Flagged For Your LinkedIn Campaign

LinkedIn will flag your account and even suspend it if you go over 250 actions a day. Alfred takes this into account as you continue to grow your LinkedIn group, make connections, and send invites.

Run successful, efficient LinkedIn campaigns from your account while staying within LinkedIn limits and abiding by group rules.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does LinkedIn group management work?

LinkedIn Group admins are responsible for managing group activities, member requests, and post approvals. You will need to request to join a group to gain access to specific networking events and see what members are talking about.

How can you grow a LinkedIn group?

When creating a LinkedIn networking event or group it’s important to be intentional. When you create the event or page choose a specific industry, use keywords that will resonate with your audience in the description and interest them to join. You can also invite connections to join your group.

Where does email fit in a campaign creation?

Email is an important marketing tactic alongside LinkedIn. The future of email marketing is going to have fully automated personalized messages based on customer liking and preference.

How can you create a LinkedIn event?

As a LinkedIn member, you can create an event, add details regarding the theme and itinerary, and invite other members to join. You may even be able to use LinkedIn live depending on your access.

How do you send a group message on LinkedIn?

You can easily start group chats with two or more of your 1st-degree connections.


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